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Chinook McMutton Z, often referred to as Chinny (Anya Rose Ewing in real life), is an anthro winter wolf who has been roleplaying canine characters and drawing furry artwork since she was ten years old. Chinook is also known as Lord Chinnius, her Fallen Jedi roleplaying alias, and commonly uses CZGoldEdition as a handle on accounts and galleries. She can be frequently found on NEOFurs forums or on Second Life as Chinook Qian.

Captain Mal


Chinny built her first partial fursuit, featuring her primary fursona Chinook, in early 2005.

Blood Raven fursuit

She constructed a second suit of her secondary fursona and main roleplaying character, Blood Raven, in the summer of 2007. The partial version of this suit debuted at Morphicon 2007, and the full suit debuted at Anthrocon 2007.

Her third personal suit, Captain Mal, was built winter 2007 and debuted at Morphicon 2008.

She has since built several fursuits for others and is now building them on a commission basis.

Roleplaying Characters[edit]

Blood Raven
Chinook, a winter wolf with her birthmark on her forehead.

Each character Chinook plays and draws symbolizes a different aspect of her personality. The majority of her characters are canine or some form of canine hybrid. Her three main characters are:

  • Chinook McMutton Z, a winter wolf.
  • Blood Raven (Rogue McMutton), a winter wolf/temporal dog mix.
  • Mivvsa McMutton Ishino, a winter wolf/panther hyrbid.

Winter wolves[edit]

Winter wolves are a species created by Chinook, based off of a creature in the AD&D Monster's Manual. Winter wolves are large, growing up to about eight feet in length from nose to tail tip and standing an average of 4'6" at the shoulder. Their pelts are usually a mottled gray-silver and white, save for a dark gray or black birthmark. All winter wolves are genetically predisposed to have a birthmark of this type. When an individual's coat reaches full maturity and the shape of their birthmark is apparent, it is added to the pack's language a character representing that individual's name. Pups born without a mark are known as "moonsayers", since their complexions are of such unblemished beauty as a full moon, and are considered holy, often becoming pack alphas later in life. Winter wolves are highly intelligent and can speak in a multitude of tongues.

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