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Blitz Emmerich is the fursona of Virginian writer and artist Caleb.


Blitz is a husky-wolf hybrid, with some dragon ancestry. Blitz has mostly dark gray fur, with light gray fur on his paws, chest, belly, and chin. He has black dragon wings that can be hidden at will. His eyes are a clear blue. Blitz is frequently seen wearing a chain necklace and spiked leather wrist band.

Blitz is a very friendly, caring individual and strongly emotional. He has a short temper and can be very aggressive when angered.


Blitz was born in the capital city Zolos on the planet Erth, within the Omni Galaxy.

As a child, Blitz was very laid back and peaceful. After his mother died of illness, Blitz became reclusive, mostly spending time with his father; after his father was killed soon after, he became vengeful. Orphaned at age 15, he was adopted into a family of dalmatians and grew up to be a bounty hunter and soldier of fortune. He fled to the planet Taleca to escape prosecution for his profession, but returned to Erth a few years afterwards. A soul reaper he was acquainted with, Scyhthe, revealed that when Blitz dies, he too will become a reaper.

Blitz is descended from lightning dragons and has inherited their ability to manipulate and generate electricity. In combat he prefers to use close-range weaponry, primarily by duel-wielding katanas. A common technique used by Blitz is channeling the electricity through the blades, creating lightning infused swords.

Name etymology[edit]

Blitz is a German word meaning "lightning" and "Emmerich" is a German surname meaning "worker/work/laborer". Blitz Emmerich can therefore be translated into "lightning worker".

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