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Blisk Whiskers [1] is a fursuiter who lives in Wisconsin, U.S.A.

Blisk's fursona is a pion (a panther-lion hybrid). This species was chosen to reflect the fursonas of Blisk's parents, who were furries in the 1980s. (Her mother is a lioness, and her father was a panther.)[2][3]

Blisk has grey and honey-colored fur, with black from her elbows and knees down. She also has black rings around her eyes and a black-tipped tail with two black rings. Blisk's eyes are neon green and yellow, and her head is crowned with a thatch of pink hair.[3]

Blisk owns five fursuits:

  • Blisk, the fursuit depicted her pion fursona. This fursuit was constructed by White Wolf and first appeared at Anthrocon 2008.[2]
  • Talkuma, a lamb who Blisk built herself, and who debuted at Midwest FurFest 2007.[4]
  • Millie, a cow made by Copper Fur
  • Hallowgeen, a species-unknown suit built by Blisk
  • Emiaj, a quad unicorn built by Blisk, Beastcub, Fisk, and Micromascots

FurAffinity Profiles[edit]

Blisk has two FurAffinity profiles. Is her normal profile. Where she uploads drawings of hers.


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