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Bleatr logo.png
Author(s) Owner/Lead developer: Aurali
Status Offline
Launch date 7 October 2015
End date 2018
Genre Furry Commissioning Service
Web G
Web NC-17

Bleatr was an art commissioning site that hosted a variety of furry artists, and allowed them to create auctions and take and manage commissions all handled on site.

History and purpose[edit]

Bleatr went live in October 2015 after panels in Rocky Mountain Fur Con that year, and a year of development.

The site's goal of an easy and universal way of creating commissions was thought of after many peoples troubles of both finding an artist, and just not getting commissions from commissioners. Being a commissioning system, it focuses on displaying open artists first, then everything else. Bleatr has been at Rocky Mountain fur con in 2015, 2016; Anthrocon 2016, Furry Weekend Atlanta 2016, 2017 and Midwest FurFest 2016, 2017.

Bleatr updated on a rapid release cycle, allowing releases to contain new features as soon as they were tested, though with the downside of bugs appearing from time to time.

Features and services[edit]

Bleatr offered the following features and services relating to print sales and purchasing:

  • Artist search - Search for artists by tag, open status and price
  • Auctions - Simple Auction system featuring multiple auction points per auction
  • YCH - Same system as auctions, but designed for multi slot your character here
  • Queue - All services eventually connect to this, allows an artist to keep track of commissions they've taken
  • Order forms - Allows order forms to be created and shared, with uploading and downloading capabilities
  • Art Request - System to allow commissioners to place a commission idea out and look for bids
  • Security Working with your money, the staff has put an emphasis on having top of the line security
  • Payments On site payments are supported through paypal and authorizenet