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There is also a Blackpaw who lives in Colorado.
The artist's self portrait. © Blackpaw Badger, 2006.

Blackpaw Badger, also known as NextStep or just Blackpaw (born 25 November, 1980), is a furry artist and writerwho takes commissions. He is a longtime member of the FurIRC network. Blackpaw Badger lives in Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S.A. He is mated to a female Huskyroo named Felysha.


His online persona is a gregarious, friendly badger crossbreed: a mix of North American and European badger, a reference to his own mixed British and American roots.

Fandom involvement[edit]

He uses in #FoxtailTavern on Klisoura's FurIRC from time to time. he also is found on #TheCete on FurNet.

He is also the head of a group of fur he considers 'cetemates' following the badger tradition of having a familial sett.

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