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Black Wolf, aslo known as Blackwolf12tails and Wolfblack0909 (born 1984), is a fursuiter who lives in Metairie, Louisiana, USA, who is in a relationship with fellow furry SilverWolf.

Fandom involvement[edit]

Black Wolf is the Co-Chair for FurFright, hosts furmeets for the Louisiana Furs around the New Orleans area, and was the executive chair for the planned Gulf Coast Furry Con.

In April 2019 he became the president of the Louisiana Anthropomorphic Association and Lead Chair of the Bayou Furry Bash furry convention in Metairie, Louisiana.


Black Wolf's fursona is a twelve-tailed, black male arctic/timber/dire/werewolf hybrid taur.


Black owns the fursuits Black Wolf, created by White Wolf, Atmosphere Wolf by Latin Vixen, and two suits from Lemonbrat.

Convention attendance[edit]


Outside the fandom, Black Wolf enjoys working on computers and car audio systems.

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