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BlackWolfe Coyoten is a furry who lives in Texas, U.S.A. As an artist and writer, he create art and stories which are often adult in nature, that feature strong female characters and macrofurry themes.


BlackWolfe joined the furry community in a roundabout manner:

  • Noted an interest in transformation beginning in 1989
  • In the early 90's this expanded to include interest in growth
  • While searching the internet for growth-related images, discovered Lava Dome Five "museum" of macrophilia
  • While exploring the concept of furry macrophilia, discovered Supermegatopia webcomic.
  • Joined Supermegatopia MUCK briefly ca. 2001
  • Rejoined Supermegatopia MUCK under the handle "Evil Twin" ca. 2002
  • Created alternate account on the same muck, under the handle "Polychroma."
  • At around this period, joined Lofty Bearing forums, also under the handle "Evil Twin."
  • Shortly after this, joined FurryMUCK under the name "BlackWolfe"


BlackWolfe Coyoten has a number of fursonae that he uses on FurryMUCK and on various forums. Some are created entirely for roleplay, others derive from stories he has written. A large percentage of them are female or feminine hermaphrodites.

His original fursona is a male wolf/coyote hybrid. His female fursona, Blackie, is a size- and shape-shifting version, usually a gray wolf, heavily muscular, and macrofurry.

Another fursona is Elbie, a female, human-sized anthropomorphic fruit bat.

BlackWolfe has reached the maximum limit for alternate accounts and puppets allowed by FurryMUCK policy. He also has an account on YIMU Island MUCK.

The full list of BlackWolfe's (often inactive) MUCK accounts:

  • BlackWolfe (Main, FurryMUCK and Tapestries) - Originally male, now often female wolf/coyote hybrid, often pure wolf when female. Male form loosely based on player.
  • Jordan_Bear (Alt, FurryMUCK) - Hermaphrodite size-changing ursine. Originally appeared in a story inspired by the short story "Working Out" by Brahma minotaur.
  • Nonette DuBois (Alt, FurryMUCK) - Female size and shape-changing ferret. Originally appeared in a short-lived story series meant to explore various aspects of transformation and macro fetishes. Name inspired by a discussion about names of groups: a nonet is a group of nine.
  • Charlie_Hare (Puppet, FurryMUCK) - Hermaphrodite hare created for a story entitled "Mindblow" exploring latex transformation and inflation fetish.
  • Elbie (Puppet, FurryMUCK) - Female gold crowned flying fox. Originated in a chat-room roleplay, BlackWolfe considered the off-hand choice of species serendipitous, as the species originates in the same region the player was born: the Philippines.
  • Coyotine (Puppet, FurryMUCK) - Giant female coyote. Originated in an RP session on FurryMUCK.
  • Fraea (Puppet, FurryMUCK) - Snow golem in the shape of an anthropomorphic fox. Gender changes when nobody's looking. Created partly as a joke and partly so that there would be "someone" available ICly to watch the "Jordan's Gym" area of FurryMUCK while Jordan_Bear was elsewhere.
  • Jessalyn (Puppet, FurryMUCK) - Female cat/rabbit/deer/skunk/flying squirrel hybrid. Originally created as a picture that couldn't seem to pick a species, the concept of someone with so many mixed backgrounds tickled BlackWolfe so much he created her as a character on FurryMUCK.
  • Kaleah (Excursion Society MUCK) - Female hyena tribeswoman. Originally created for the now-defunct Bandari MUCK.
  • Ratchet (Excursion Society MUCK) - Female squirrel. Created specifically to play with steampunk concepts in the Excursion Society MUCK.
  • Mashara (YiMu Island) - Hermaphrodite zebra. Created for a series of adult stories on Yiffstar, another case of a character intriguing the writer enough to cause him to create hir on an appropriate MUCK.


BlackWolfe produces artwork at a rate of 1-3 pictures per month. By his own admission, pictures vary in artistic quality depending on subject and time between pictures, as well as varying from PG to NC-17 in content, although more than half of his artwork (including that not yet available on the internet) is adult in nature.


BlackWolfe also produces stories at a similarly varying rate - bursts of creativity can lead to a spate of stories in a single weekend, followed by months of inactivity. As with art, BlackWolfe's stories tend to the adult in nature - in fact, a greater percentage of his stories are adult compared to his artwork.

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