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Bischop, formerly known as JohnOfE (born 1987), is a furry fan who lives in New Zealand,[1] with his partner, Farradae.

Character obsession[edit]

Norbert Beaver[edit]

Beaver Soup cover

Since January, 2004, Bischop has had "sexual attraction and great love"[2] for the character Norbert Foster Beaver from the Nickelodeon animated television series The Angry Beavers, and kept an archive of thousands of screen-caps from the show until he abandoned the site.[3]

Bischop has constructed models of Norbert with Fimo polymer clay, built a a life-sized plush with a strategically-placed hole[4] (serving as John's primary outlet of sexual release) in addition to having the character tattooed onto his left arm.[5] He does amateur gay Angry Beavers art.

Beaver Soup[edit]

Bischop also wrote fan-fiction about Norbert and Angry Beavers,[6] notably Beaver Soup. Beaver Soup's premise is modeled after Who Framed Roger Rabbit? in that cartoon characters exist alongside real-life humans and animals. The story details how Bischop imagines a meeting between himself and Norbert Beaver would occur and is filled with graphic descriptions of kidnapping, rape, and mutilation.[7]

Other characters[edit]

Bischop has had similar obsessions with Brian Griffin from Family Guy, and The Dog from Footrot Flats. He spends time drawing them, and as with Norbert, has built Fimo[8] and/or plush models and toys.[9]

Bischop also sports a tattoo of The Dog on his right upper-arm and Brian Griffin on his stomach.

Bischop's obsession with The Dog (being a feral dog), and an admitted tendency towards thoughts of bestiality, gave JohnOfE the fear that he might cross the line from thoughts to acts. As a result, around mid-2010, he sought the help of a psychiatrist and briefly underwent voluntary chemical castration through doses of cyproterone.

Leaving the fandom and back[edit]

In August 2017, Bischop (as JohnOfE) deactivated or blanked all of his social media sites and online art galleries, while his personal website is now cybersquatted. This was after a decision to retire the JohnOfE persona.[citation needed]

Bischop eventually returned to the fandom under the new "Bishop" handle, starting up with new art galleries and social media sites.


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