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Biohazard, also known as Alice the Rat (real name Brian Swords), is a furry artist.


John Oliver with Biohazard's original watercolor piece, Stay Up Late

Biohazard is best known for a popular YouTube video titled "Art 1992" in which several of his watercolor art pieces depicting two anthropomorphic rats engaging in sexually explicit actions are displayed during WITF-TV's Gallery 33 auction.[1]

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver[edit]

In March 2020, British comedian and television host John Oliver of Last Week Tonight with John Oliver stated that he wished to have one of these pieces of art from Brian Swords (Stay Up Late), and offered a bounty of $US1,000 along with a US$20,000 donation to a local food bank[1].

Less than a month later, it was revealed that John Oliver had been approached by an unnamed individual who stated "I believe I have what you're looking for", emailing a picture of the artwork and a copy of that day's paper.[2] The official Last Week Tonight twitter posted a photo of John Oliver holding up the piece stating:

We believe we have something you're looking for, World! It's called hope![3]


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