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Bingo Dingo lives in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia and has been a part of the furry fandom since the late 90s. Bingo lives with FlameDrake, AtPaw and Oz Kangaroo, in a sharehouse.


His fursona is a male Australian dingo with some magical powers, based mainly around metal control (nothing akin to Magneto).

Art and writing[edit]

Bingo draws anthropomorphic art, and displays his works on Fur Affinity ,deviantART and VCL, as well as having a website since updated, yet still lacking a gallery, which he plans to remedy some day. (Very big note on "some day"). He has also dabbled in writing, but not very much.


Apart from having the obvious fascination with dingoes, Bingo also likes avians and bats. Both enough to have a character based around each. He is a mild raver, Parkour fan, DDR player, fire-twirler, tribal designer and full-time worker.

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