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The Asylum was the residence of Victoria Eden and Tania Walker, the creators of the Crikey Duck! webcomic, and of Tania's ex-boyfriend Robbie. It was located in the Camp Hill suburb of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

The household held weekly furry gatherings held there, with attendance ranging between six and twelve. These started as "Lost Night" for group viewings of the US television series Lost, and continued as a regular weeknight party, with sketching and DVD viewings.

Resident pets were Tsunami ("Nami") and Sawyer, a chocolate burmese and a white burmilla cat respectively.

In early 2006 the old residents of The Asylum went their separate ways. Vicki Eden moved in to a residence with another fur, while Tania Walker and Robbie picked up and moved in to another house which they named Billabong.

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