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Left to right: Throttle, Vinnie and Modo

Biker Mice from Mars is a cartoon series about three mice from Mars -- Throttle, Vinnie, and Modo -- who crashed on Earth; in Chicago, to be exact. They met up with (and rescued) an Earth mechanic named Charlene "Charley" Davidson. Together with Charley, the Biker Mice from Mars fought the evil Lawrence Limburger, and his henchmen, in an effort to keep the Plutarkians from stealing Earth's resources.

The Biker Mice from Mars initially ran from September 18, 1993 - February 24, 1996 . A new continuation of the series, with more emphasis given on Stoker and Charley and with a new villain race known as the Catatonians, was produced and aired in the UK starting in 2006 (including a new toy line). In the US, the show ran on 4Kids TV from the fall of 2008 until the end of the block in January 2009, and is now on hiatus in the USA (and no new episodes seem forthcoming). At one point, the 2006 series was the UK's highest rating children's show on any network, the new show sparking major interest in reruns of the old show and its toy line.



  • Throttle: The tan-furred leader in the black leather vest. Calm and cool, he always has the answers. Until the very last episode, it was believed that Throttle was the only one of the three that came out of the war unscathed. However, as revealed in "Once Upon a Time on Mars", Throttle lost both his eyes and they were replaced by cybernetic --although malfunctioning-- eyes. Rides a black and chrome Harley-Davidson like motorcycle, changed to green in the 2006 revival. In the 1993 - 1996 series, she is known as "Lady".
  • Vinnie: The white-furred daredevil with the silver mask, danger and excitement are his bread and butter. The silver mask on the right side of his face covers up injuries gained in the Plutarkian War. He rides a cherry-red racing bike.
  • Modo: The gray-furred gentle giant, the muscle of the group. His left eye and right arm were both destroyed in the Plutarkian War; he now wears a eyepatch and has a mechanical right arm, and rides Lil' Hoss.
  • Charley: A red headed, sweet female mechanic living in a more run-down part of Chicago. She repairs the Biker Mice's bikes and is usually the first to think up enhancements for them as well.


  • Lawrence Limburger: A overweight, corrupt Plutarkian masquerading as a honest Earth business tycoon. His only desire is to strip-mine Chicago and thusly rise in the Plutarkian ranks.
  • Dr. Karbunkle: The mad scientist allied with Limburger, and the go-to guy for mining technology, weapons, and general craziness.
  • Greasepit: A huge --bigger even than Modo-- goon with very little brains. For a unknown reason, Greasepit drips grease all the time.
  • Fred the Mutant: Not really evil, just loves pain. And the little guy made from spare parts knows he'll get more pain with the bad guys than with the good guys.
  • Hairball (2006 series character): Supreme Commander of the Catatonians, he badly tries hides the fact that he's a short, incompetent, easily distracted dolt with an inferiority complex under a ton of military bravado. He has an unfortunate habit of gagging on hairballs at the most inopportune moments. His mission on Earth is to acquire Stoker's Regenerator and transform all planets in the galaxy into giant litterboxes to satisfy his people's way of life.
  • Cataclysm (2006 series character): Hairball's bigger, more competent brother, Cataclysm is the man behind the curtain, the real driving force of the Catatonian army. Although perfectly content with his official mission, he has a secondary, more personal desire to wipe out - and devour - the entire Martian mouse population, a mission that has become part vendetta once the Biker Mice draw his fancy.
  • Ronald Rump (2006 series character): Obviously parodying real-world industrial tycoon Donald Trump, Ronald is the top land developer and marketeer in the world, having created his empire on the smoldering remains of Limburger's. He was the one to compel Stoker into creating the Regenerator by threatening Throttle's life, intent on using the device to further his land developing business. Once the old Regenerator was destroyed, he teamed up with and now finances the Catatonian invasion, in exchange for their compelling Stoker to create another.


  • Rimfire: Modo's young nephew. He's 19 when we first meet him, although we later see him at 16 and even younger. His mother is Modo's sister, and he has a sister of his own --twin, possibly-- named Primer. Rimfire has cream-colored fur and brown hair with an orange/blonde stripe down the middle. Having been taught manners by both his grandmother and his uncle, Rimfire is a perfect gentleman, using both "Miss" and "Ma'am" in woman's names (i.e., "Miss Charley Ma'am") In almost every episode he's appeared in, he gets captured.
  • Carbine: The tough, sometimes bitchy leader of the Freedom Fighters on Mars. She has gray fur and black hair. Tough-as-nails General in the Martian Army, Carbine joined Stoker's Freedom Fighters when she realized the army wasn't doing any good. She's Throttle's girlfriend, although their relationship is sometimes fragile due to the long distance between them. In the 2006 revival, she is revealed to be Stoker's niece.
  • Stoker: The original leader of the Freedom Fighters. Older Mouse (guessing around in his 40's) and the teacher of the Biker Mice from Mars. He has chocolate brown fur, and long, brown --lightening with age-- hair. He's best described as a mature version of Vinnie. Stoker was captured, his tail replaced by a mechanical tail, and brainwashed to betray the Freedom Fighters. Luckily, he broke free. After a trip to Earth --when Rimfire broke him out of a Plutarkian prison-- Stoker returned to Mars to become a teacher. In the 2006 revival, he created the Regenerator, a machine that can manufacture practically anything that its user needs, and is subsequently captured by the Catatonians and forced to build another one for their ally, human industrialist Ronald Rump, when the first one is destroyed. Because of this, he is falsely labeled a traitor by his people, with only Vinnie giving him the benefit of the doubt. He was also affected by the power source of his machine, and now has to keep out of the sun, lest he transform into a wererat creature. Because of this, and his label as a traitor, he picks up the identity of Nightshift, to fight back against his captors.
  • Harley: Seen in "Once Upon a Time On Mars" and "Turf Wars", this tan-furred, tan-haired Mouse was the mechanic/medic of the Freedom Fighters. Sort of a Martian Mouse version of Charley. She was one-third of a romantic triangle, along with Stoker and Vinnie. Harley supplied Vinnie's mask, and it was Vinnie who eventually ended up with her --for about two seconds, before Mace (who was a Rat that had infiltrated the Freedom Fighters) kidnapped her. She was seen last in the 2006 episode Turf Wars. In that episode, she was dropped into a volcano. Her mask was later found, but there was no sign of Harley.
  • Modo's Momma: Mentioned in just about every episode, but not seen until the final episode. Modo quotes her often.

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