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Biggest Little Fur Con (edit)
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Biggest Little Fur Con staff
Biggest Little Fur Con guests of honor

Biggest Little Fur Con 2013 was the first Biggest Little Fur Con convention. It was held over May 3-5, 2013, in the Grand Sierra Resort hotel in Reno, Nevada, U.S.A. It is the spiritual successor to PawFur. The con had a total attendance of 704[1] (including 186 fursuiters).[2]

The theme for the convention was "Roaring Twenties."

Planning began in June 2012 after local furs realized the Grand Sierra was an ideal location to host a furry convention, because of:

  • A large number of rooms at a low room rate
  • A broad spectrum of entertainment provided by the hotel
  • A broad spectrum of on-site restaurants
  • Close proximity to supply shopping
  • Reno's position near the center of the western region of the US, reducing travel costs.

The convention itself was organized around a large central space that housed most con functions; this main space was connected to rooms that housed the remaining functions. The intent was to create a busy space that always had something interesting going on, a space that encouraged social interaction, and a space that provided entertainment for the attendees for the duration of the con.

Guests of Honour[edit]

The Guests of Honour were Spelunker Sal, Dreamous and WolfpupTK.[3]


Most of the convention functions were held in one 44,000 square foot space, housing the stage, social space for attendees, tabletop gaming, a photoshoot, a dealers den and art show, and activities designed by the convention to encourage social interaction and artistic expression. Events included:

  • Educational panels on varied topics; some panels were on the main stage for maximum exposure and participation
  • A live podcast from Fur Media, streamed from the convention's main stage, honoring furs serving in the military
  • Nightly dances
  • A broad selection of electronic gaming
  • Fursuit games
  • Fursuit dance competition (Winner was Apollo Husky)

The convention's charity was the Nevada Humane Society, for which was raised $3,000.[4]

Hotel attractions[edit]

  • Go-karts (fursuit-friendly)
  • Mini-golf (fursuit-friendly)
  • 24-hour bowling (fursuit-friendly)
  • Gambling
  • 185-foot swing
  • Driving range
  • Laser tag
  • Arcade
  • Discount second-run movie theater


Staff included Shenba,[5] Calafin,[6] ScyStorm,[6], Smash,[7] and wolfdude27.[6] IM Weasel was staff with duties in the fursuit lounge.[8]


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