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For specifics, check the edit history and talk page. Consult the Furry Book of Style for editing help. logo. is a community for those who have interest in macro/micro furries that has been running since March of 2004 and has gained a lot of members even since. It features a forum, an IRC server, FurBase (a database of characters on IRC), an art gallery, and a story archive.

The Furbase profile database provides a simple system where roleplaying furries can post profiles and others can search through them by IRC nickname. Althought it has since been shut down around 2021

Web-based community archives for fiction, video, and images
Mature content
Defunct(?) or not recently updated
ArtPiles  · ArtRise  · Epilogue  · Furiffic  · Furry Art Pile  ·  · The InflatioNation  · PlayMouse  ·  · PureYiff  ·  · SheezyArt · (2019: data retrieval available)  · TFCentral  · Vor-Com  · Xenographia  · YiffCo  · Yiffstar  ·  · (2019: redirect to  · Yiffy.Tk · Yiffy Flash  · Yiffy International (2019: redirect to  · YNA

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