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Concept drawing of the cast

Big Buck Bunny is a 10-minute short film by the Peach open movie project which had the working title A Rabbit's Revenge.[1] The film is released under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 license. The film premiered in April 10, 2008[2] and was released for Internet download in May 30, 2008[3].


The story features the titular Bunny, as well as three mischievous rodents. The Bunny, in spite of his big and lumbering appearance, is a gentle one: He adores a beautiful butterfly that... gets crushed by a falling fruit. Oblivious to where the fruit came from, the Bunny strolls forward, sees another butterfly... that eventually gets crushed by the three nasty rodents, who proceed to bully the big, slow bunny even more by throwing things at him. The Bunny then proceeds to get even by rigging the woods with various cartoony traps; the rodents fall into them one by one. In the end, the Bunny turns the leader of the rodent gang, a gliding squirrel, into a kite.


A Rabbit's Revenge is an open source 3D movie project that premiered in April 2008 and was released for Internet download in May. In addition to being sold on DVD, it was also published freely on the official website for anyone to watch or use.

Like the previous film produced by the Blender Foundation, Elephants Dream, the film is intended to push the boundaries of what can be done with Open Source software and Blender specifically; the film was produced entirely by using open source (using software such as Blender, GIMP and Inkscape), and new features, such as fur control, were implemented in Blender specifically for this film.

Like with Elephants Dream, the film is also an "open source film" in that all of the source assets required for making the film - including 3D models, textures, and like - are available for use under the Creative Commons Attribution license. This will allow anyone to make new films or renderings based on Big Buck Bunny.

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