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Big Beautiful Dragoness (BBD) is a story series on Yiffstar written by Tim the Dragon. It began on November 30, 2006 and ended eight months later on June 5, 2007.


BBD is the story of a gallant knight named Sir Tim who falls in love with and marries a dragoness named Hana, and the trials and adventures they must endure throughout their marriage. They give birth to many children and make many enemies and allies through their adventures. Later in the series Hana turns Sir Tim into a full dragon, and he changes his name to "Tim the Dragon", to reflect his new self.


Tim the Dragon is a powerful and muscular dragon. Friendly and kind-hearted, he is a practicing Christian and a loving father and husband.

Hana the Dragoness is a beautiful and chubby dragoness. Always ready and willing to yiff, she can be quite a handful, but most of the time she is a loving mother and wife.


Big Beautiful Dragoness is a reference to Hana and, accordingly, a play on words of the phrase Big Beautiful Woman, since BBD is a metaphorical story of Tim's fantasies. While Hana is the title character of the story series, it is Tim who is the main character.


On June 17, 2007, Tim began work on a sequel to the story series, named Big Beautiful Dragoness 2. It is not certain whether the sequel will try to match the length of its prequel, which had seventy chapters. However, the author has noted that he will try to make BBD 2 "better, funnier, wilder, and cooler."


  • Tim and Hana each enjoy a number of cameos in various stories on Yiffstar.
  • The first fan-fiction of BBD was created by Ricky Luvs Hamtaro.
  • BBD's story intertwines with the story series Dragoness and the Bathroom Boy.
  • The draconian tongue found within BBD is actually Pig Latin.
  • BBD contains a vast amount of parodies and references to pop culture.
  • Tim has described BBD and BBD 2 as "Erotic Romantic Comedy."

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