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BigBadMod (often shortened to BBM) was an account that acted as the maintainer of the various _Horrors groups on LiveJournal (the exception being copy-cat community Furbid_Horrors which operates independently to this day). It was created shortly after the founding of VCL_Horrors by Iatro, Thrack and IndigoFox, who later gave secondary access to Exodite Dragon, Jade Sparrow and Skwerl.

Because of the sporadic periods of Internet access possessed by each account user, the BBM rarely appeared to play an active role in moderation of the communities it controlled. IndigoFox appears to have abandoned his use of the journal in early 2005, while Thrack, Jade and Skwerl used the journal sporadically, often not logging in for weeks at a time. Iatro performed basic maintenance, such as controlling flame wars, while Exodite Dragon was the most vocal, posting to communities and running the e-mail account.

Consequently moderation was choppy, inconsistent, and often abusive in its tone towards members of each _Horrors community. Between September 4 and September 7 2006, Kaffawolf forced Exodite to delete the account and the associated communities due to their lack of utility and potential to disrupt the Furry Fiesta and AnthroExpressions projects. All accounts and information related to BBM were changed and deleted without the approval of any other mods.

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