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Big-Red is a furry artist who lives in Orange County, California, U.S.A.[1]


Big-Red's fursona is an 22 year old male "NeoDraken" who stands at about eight feet and two inches. Much of his backstory is inspired by the game series Halo, due to Big-Red's interest in it.

Big-Red's original species (Draken) is a long-extinct, wingless cousin of the dragons. He was created in a UNSC-funded project to create the perfect multi-purpose supersoldier. After collecting fossilized tissue samples from an ancient battlefield and using them as guides, the researchers working on the project were able to construct the first fully-artificial DNA.

However, in order to try and attain their goal of creating a supersoldier, the team did not just try to replicate a draken. They went one step further, and altered certain traits to make their creation as superior as possible. Thus, their first and only creation was deemed a NeoDraken.

Big-Red grew up in the military lifestyle from birth, in and around several military facilities and outposts. His name was originally just a nickname his fellow marines would call him due to his appearance, but Big-Red liked it, so the name stuck. He also doesn't mind just being called Red for short.

Big-Red is usually only sent to the front lines when things are really looking grim, because he is only to be used as a sort of last resort. He is usually able to get the job done, however, thanks to his years and years of training, and his unique ability to absorb electromagnetic energy and redirect it to greatly increase his power or deflect incoming attacks. However, he still prefers to use traditional weaponry, such as assault rifles, because he does not want to rely on his powers unless he absolutely has to.

Furry fandom[edit]

Within the furry fandom, Big-Red posts most of his artwork on Fur Affinity. Almost all of this art consists of furry characters, with some other pieces reflecting his interests, such as the popular video game series, Halo.

Big-Red also spends time on other activities, such as role playing in Tapestries MUCK, or spending time in the Second Life furry community.


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