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Vera, also known as Veraglaeka, June, Blattaphile and Penanggalan, formerly known as Honeytail (real name Bethany Van Scott; born June 21, 1984 in West Virginia, USA), a furry and fantasy artist who lives in Florida since 2010.


Vera loves and keeps several different types of reptiles and invertebrates in her home, as well as cats, rats and chickens. She has a passion for tropical cockroaches and has a Fur Affinity account all about them.[1]

Fandom involvement[edit]

Vera specializes in fantasy-anthropomorphic art, her favorite subjects being pin-ups of female digitigrade anthros with monstrous/mutated qualities. Other themes often present in her more personal art include living plushies, vore, gore, alien landscapes, traditional-inspired clowns, monsters, slime, 80's My Little Pony and insects.


  • Vera - Originally a yellow catgirl with pink hair known as Honeytail in 1999, she evolved over the years into the mutant Langurhali cat known as Vera. She is a contortionist and local fungus expert in Willora. She uses a staff made from a willow's root to assist in transformation magic and to make potions and serums. One benefit of the Langurhali is that they are rather tough creatures that can be tested on and mutated almost at whim. She has a plush form.
  • Effigia - A female albino sunglow boa constrictor with a gentle nature and affinity for nature, girly clothing, and plushies. Bubbly and a bit naive.
  • Gerine - A female albino iguana/amargasaurus who loves tropical environments, fruit, tribal/tiki themes, climbing and collecting dinosaurs.
  • Platiste - A plushie platypus of brown, purple, and forest green with many patches and yarn hair. She lives by a river studying microbiology, loves to read, and is very much an introvert.
  • Delia - A short but chubby panda who is a clown/circus performer specializing in pantomime, balloon sculptures and the trapeze. She loves fairy kei fashion. She is very innocent and sweet.
  • Gaja - A carnivorous unicorn who loves baking and the 1950's domestic lifestyle. Something of a "were-unicorn" capable of shifting from human to anthro to feral.
  • Valdis - A king vulture with an affinity for tea and Mayan jewelry.


Created in 2004, the Langurhali[2] is an open mutant/alien feline species. They reside in Willora, which is a small hidden place on Earth kept alive via a giant willow tree from their original planet.

They were genetically recreated from their ancestors, and can only reproduce in vitro with the use of an alien plant. Much of their biology and abilities originate from the giant willow, the last living organism from their planet. Their tails are typically very long and retractable/prehensile. They typically have horns and long, swampy fur with big, droopy ears and some kind of asymmetrical deformity.


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