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SilverTiger is an anthropomorphic white tiger with purple stripes and maroon hair who is occasionally seen holding a baseball bat. The character's personality is not clearly defined, though she is presumed to have a mischievous nature. The baseball bat is likely used to cause physical harm through cartoon violence, though this is almost never shown in artwork depicting the character.

SilverTiger was created in early 2000 by the artist E. Gearhart, who also went by the name SilverTiger online when posting artwork to archives such as VCL, YNA, and Side 7. The vast majority of this artwork was furry art, though the artist has stated that she never considered herself to be a furry; her interest extended only to drawing cartoon anthropomorphic animals, and her involvement in the furry community was short-lived.

While the artist still occasionally draws anthropomorphic animals, including the SilverTiger character, her subjects now are mainly people and real animals with cartoon elements mixed in. Currently she draws a non-furry comic called Sconeborough that updates on Wednesday.

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