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Beta Link (Sometimes Bayta; real name Robin Evans, born April 25, 1994) is a furry fan from Long Island, New York.

Fandom involvement[edit]

Robin first discovered the fandom in early 2009. In January, after having watched a new Newgrounds collaboration, "$00pah NiN10Doh!", she decided she was a Starfox fan (not a Pokémon fan as the video might suggest), and then proceeded to discover a Starfox fan-site[1] and started trying to get herself involved with the Starfox fan-base.

After several months passed, and after discovering a couple more Starfox fan-sites, she found out about the furry fandom itself.


At first, she assumed the fandom was little more than a sexual fetish, and that one could still be a fan of anthropomorphism without being a furry by definition. She soon, however, discovered there was much more to the fandom than that.

Fur Affinity[edit]

Some time in April 2009, she joined the Fur Affinity Forums. After a relatively small amount of drama, however, she decided best to stay off the forums, as she occasionally butted heads with other members of the forum in moral debates. She is, however, still quite active on Fur Affinity itself, and is an active member of the Long Island furry community.


During the time Robin has been involved with the fandom, she has created a few furry characters of her own, one of which used to be her furry persona.

Brendan Arthur McDowell[edit]

McDowell is a common raven, age 19. He was originally devised on March 22, 2009[2] as a Starfox fan-character with the name "Robert Poe."

The next month, Robin started work on a Starfox fan-game, and decided to make him a main character. By this point, the character's first name had undergone several changes, including "Rob," "Ivan," and "Evan", but ultimately became "Brennan," the Celtic word for "raven."

Shortly after, her game was canceled due to extreme loss of interest. She decided to take Brennan Poe, and, with a few alterations, such as a name-change to "Brendan McDowell", make him her fursona (This was before she discovered she was transgender).

He remained basically unchanged until early 2011 when the name was changed to "Brendan McDowell," and his middle name was decided to be "Arthur." His initials, which now spell "BAM," is an inside joke involving one of Robin's high school math teachers.

Roy Davis[edit]

Davis is what Robin refers to as a "Generic Avian". He has physical attributes of various different kinds of birds, though most prominently the dove. This is meant to be mildly ironic, as the character was devised as the antagonist in a story idea Robin came up with in 2009.

In the story Davis was devised for, he is meant to be a wealthy politician, born in Great Britain on Earth and moved to a Martian colony as a child. He is also, for lack of a better term, not very fond of humanity.

Lara Wilson[edit]

Wilson, like Davis, is also a Generic Avian, although her physical attributes are mostly inspired by the cardinal. She was first devised in early 2011 as Brendan McDowell's cousin, in the same story that Roy Davis was designed for. The furthest Robin got with this character before losing interest aside from her name and physical appearance was that she was to be attending university with Brendan, and that she was a student of mathematics.


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