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The Berkeley Furmeet is a monthly furmeet in Berkeley, California. The meet draws many furs attending UC Berkeley, and as of 2011, has an average attendance of 15-30.

Schedule and location[edit]

The Berkeley Furmeet is held on the first Tuesday night of the month at Au Coquelet Cafe. Meet times are posted on the Bay Area Furry mailing list by Dax Wildsong, after the departure of founder and co-organizer Procyon. The meet was first held in February of 2005, and gained its first-Tuesday-of-the-month regularity in early 2008.

Au Coquelet is a French/American cafe and restaurant close to campus and the Downtown Berkeley BART station. Meets are held in the back room, in the restaurant area, usually running from 7:30pm until 10:00pm.

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