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Berin Greenbear.

Berin Greenbear (born April 20th, 1974) is a bear furry who lives in Bloomington, Indiana, United States. His fursona is found in two different forms:

  • Adult Berin is a bear of mixed descent, mostly European Brown Bear, with some traces of American Black Bear and Polar Bear. His body fur is brown, while that on his head is black with white highlights, making him look older than he actually is. Trying to give the impression he is an outdoors-bear (as opposed to the computer nerd he actually is), he often dresses in green.
  • Cub Berin is a stout, eight-year-old bear cub, just out of second grade. He looks much like the adult version of Berin, but has slightly angular eyes (hinting that his mother is canine) and speaks with a slight lisp. He is very bright, but has a mischievous streak.

Berin has smoked a pipe for years in real-life, and this is often reflected in drawings of his adult fursona. He is also a member of the smokingfurs LiveJournal community.

He has a fursuit of his character, which he sometimes wears in public.

Berin has served as Assistant Gopher Coordinator at Midwest FurFest since 2005.

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