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Benvolio Illborn Lontra is mostly known in small circles of the fandom on FurNet, AnthroChat, and Fur Affinity.


Benvolio currently plays two characters. He does all kind of roleplaying with them, IRC, tabletop, and short story writing.

Benvolio Illborn Lontra[edit]

Benvolio is a 6'7" hyper-muscled anthropomorphic South American River Otter. His fur is a solid light brown all the way through. Usually these days his casual clothes are forms of gym outfits, since he spends most of his time in gyms. Occasionally, he will wear his formal green bard's robe.

He was born in an unknown city, but raised in the steampunk city of Thorn, where most anthropomorphic animals were exiled. During this age he was only 5'10", and a very skinny build. At the large city of Thorn, he learned the ways of the bard, learning to play the Lyre. He left the city to spread his music, singing the songs of primal rage, even as docile in nature he appeared to be. The people on this continent were content with the peaceful time, and they did not enjoy Benvolio's angry songs. So, he left the continent with a gang of pirates, searching for a new land. They ventured to the land of Rose, where the people lucky enough to find it stay the same age, revive from death immediately in case of murder or accident, and can learn for eternity. There Benvolio learned to get in touch with his inner self while he structured his body, allowing him to widen and heighten his bone structure, while his muscle mass became almost critical. After learning the typical magics of the universe, he ventured out with a few other beings to a different world, where he is now known today.


Not much is known about Gabber_Bat, the 5'11" fruit bat. He met Benvolio in Rose, and left with him to the same world. They at first weren't very keen of each other, but eventually realized they had way too much in common to not be best friends. He spent most of his time in Rose learning to master dances. He has everything but a serious attitude, and has been quoted saying "I live for music."

Benvolio in Real Life[edit]

Benvolio is very involved in the Pittsburgh Hard Dance scene. He goes to school for Biochemistry, in which he intends to do research. He holds a series of part time jobs, any number of them at a certain time; if you stop for gas or food anywhere in Pittsburgh, don't be surprised to see him.

He collects and mixes Hardstyle vinyls and Electro House vinyls. He's getting pretty good at mixing, and intends to seek a small career in music, but still puts priority into a secondary education. Other hobbies he has are Japanese music games, such as DDR and Beatmania IIDX. He makes overly-hard DDR simfiles.