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Benny Brownpaws aka Benjamin Chota (known in real life as Owen Harris) is a member of the Riverside Players acting troupe, and appears alongside the regular cast in episodes of Otter Island, as well as having appeared in one episode of TF&F Help Desk and the one-off audio adaptation of A Christmas Carol. Benny is also a self-professed lifelong Baptist Christian fur, and visits the Christian Furry Fellowship community often.

Benny is mated to Loupgaros, a furry writer and artist living in Cheshire.

Radio and Comic Appearances[edit]

Benny's character role on Otter Island is unclear, having only shown up in one episode as himself to obtain a magical cure to a Transmite bite from Oren Otter. His other appearances have featured, amongst small bit-parts, the role of Cafe, previously played by Ann Vole.

Benny has also appeared in the audio play Sabrina Online, by Midnight Lily Productions, as the new male narrator, following the departure of the previous narrator, Clymangus.

Benny Brownpaws has also made a guest appearance in 21st Century Fox, although is unnamed in the actual strip.

Activity Online[edit]

Benny can be found on Furgasmic, The Den, and Pandora Comics, Ottercomics in particular.

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