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This article is about the group. There is also a Montreal fur named Beekin.

Beekins are official, non-paid volunteers of Furcadia, who are recruited to support the other players and staff within the community. Any interested furre can submit an application to the Associate in Charge of the respective group they wish to apply for. The applications and requirements vary from class to class.

Types of Beekin[edit]

There are many Beekin Groups, but can be categorized into two types - those you can apply for, and those you must be chosen for.

Volunteer Beekins[edit]

  • Helper Beekins are split into two classes - Green Helpers and Blue helpers, both of which can use the Help channel. They're the generic help and support team for Furcadia.
  • Bugge Hunters are the technical support team. They help users resolve program glitches and technical problems, as well as assisting with the testing of updates and new features of the client software. The group is named after the 'Bugge' species.
  • Logo of the Beekin Masons
    Dream Masons, or just Masons, help players with creating dreams and coding DragonSpeak in Furcadia. They help other furres (players) with their personal dreams, and the 'Master Masons' assist with the creation and maintenance of the main maps.
  • Pixels are the counterpart to Masons. They help with the art aspect of dreams, such as Patches (a term for the art, skins and items within a Furcadia dream), as well as working on new art, items and digos (avatars) either for sale or for the game itself.
  • Guardians, formerly known as the Owsla, are the rule enforcement and mediators of Furcadia. They track down rulebreakers and take action against them, as well as unloading inappropriate dreams from the main maps. They also work to resolve in-game disputes between players on various issues, and offer advice to the players on handling harassment, privacy and security issues.
  • Scribes are the website coders of Furcadia. They work on the webpages and services amongst other tasks.
  • Welcomers help the newfurres (new players) around. They have a good knowledge of Furcadia basics, and are essentially the newbie assistance.

Elected Beekins[edit]

  • Eventers are selected players from the other groups, who organize events, parties and quizzes in-game, either during pre-set calendar events (such as the festivals held in-game) or randomly in the month. These events usually host giveaways and competitions which the Eventers host, administer and organize.
  • Teachers teach the new Beekins about their particular group, and the knowledge and skills required, usually in pre-booked 'classes'. They are often specific to a particular group and know a lot about their chosen field.

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