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Beeejaay, also known as Skawurrldawg, is a female furry artist/fursuiter. She currently resides in northern Virginia, USA.

Fandom involvement[edit]

Beeejaay joined the net community as Doberfree through deviantART, with her main furry media gallery actually located on Fur Affinity. Her primary artistic media include colored pencils and the program Open Canvas.

From time to time, she opens up for commissions and trades. She has also attended FurFright 2007, Further Confusion 2008, Elliot's Live Events and Megaplex 7


Beeejaay's fursona is an irish wolfhound, border collie, large Münsterländer, big horned sheep, squirrel ("skawurrl", as Beeejaay herself defines it) hybrid mix. Her primary colors are a blue gray, terracotta brown, black, and white.

She is often seen being followed by red and yellow stars with thick black outlines. However, she's constantly changing her design and adding more stars because she's just in it to be cool and suffers from paranoid schizophrenia (the more the stars, the more friends she feels she has).

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