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This article is about the Swiss furry artist. There is also a non-furry American producer, writer, graffiti artist, and film director called Blue Panther (Suzy Kassem).[1]

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Blue_Panther is a Swiss fantasy and furry artist. By profession he is a trained typographical designer (School of Art & Design Basle). Blue_Panther usually attends all major furry conventions in Germany; however, his convention career kicked off at Anthrocon 2003.

The fursona[edit]

Blue_Panther's furry alter ego is a panther with both anthropomorphic and quadruped forms. His fur is mostly of a cool blue blending to near white. When asked for reference, the most adequate description is the one of a snow leopard with the beige fur turned to blue. Blue_Panther has a craze for long manes, fluffy fur and tail tufts.

In both forms (as well as in real life), Blue_Panther occasionally wears a spiked black leather collar.

The artist[edit]

In 2003, he was the designer of the VCL badges 2003 edition.

Participating in various contests and contributions for the German conventions he won the contest to the t-shirts of the Mephit Mini Con 2005 and 2006.

Other international credits include the Stage Backdrop designs for Eurofurence 11 (Songs of the Old Ages), Eurofurence 12 (The Hounds of Blackwhite Castle) and Eurofurence 13 (The Unlucky Thirteen).

Other furry activities[edit]

Together with Akeyla and Nautilus he organizes the annual Basel Fur Meet which premiered in November 2004. He also acted as a patron to some minor art roundtable events in both Switzerland and Germany and is one of the organizors behind the swissfurs portal.

As of Eurofurence 13 (2007), he is the acting Assistant Art Show Director after being an Art Show Hand for the previous three conventions.

Moreover he functions as chairman of CH-on.

Convention history[edit]








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