Becoming Blizzard

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Becoming Blizzard
Author(s) Rondall Carson
Update schedule Continuing
Launch date May, 3 2004
End Date Continuing
Genre comedy, adult themes
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Becoming Blizzard is a webcomic by Rondall Carson. It centres around a "gay bear who is trying to find himself and his place in the world".[1]

Becoming Blizzard is intended for mature audiences. Whilst not pornographic, it does have a PG-13 to R rating due to language, sexual content, and infrequent cartoon nudity.[1]


The characters in Becoming Blizzard are:[2]

  • Blizzard Eisbear, a gay polar bear who likes Bear Trek, swimming, and collecting rare action figures.
  • Rufus D. Bear, an American black bear who likes drawing, painting, nature, and breasts.
  • B.C. (Trevor Bruin), a grizzly bear who enjoys playing classical piano, weightlifting, literature, and helping people.
  • Jim Bruin, a "flaming queen" grizzly bear who likes flirting, honesty, and coffeeshops.
  • Lucibear, a red devil-bear.
  • Bob Bruinson, a brown bear who enjoys power lifting, football, and heavy set bears.
  • Charlie Chinn, a giant panda whose interests include gardening, being addressed as "Sir", and tying knots.
  • Greg Bär, a brown bear who likes being tied up and going around in the nude.
  • K'Shea Ho, an "Ursus angelicus" who likes wig sales, Este Lauder, and gaudy jewelry.
  • Amadeus, an "Ursus vampiricus" whose unlife includes powdered wigs, and damp tombs.


The idea for Becoming Blizzard started while Rondall was in college.[3] In the original idea, Blizzard, Rufus, Jim, and BC were all members of a band, and Charlie was their manager. After college, Rondall marketed Blizzard to several newspaper syndicates, but was rejected each time. (In retrospect, Rondall considers this to be the best thing to happen to Blizzard.)

Becoming Blizzard became a webcomic, around which time the idea of the bears as a band was scrapped, and the story ideas were revolving around Blizzard's sexuality, something mainstream newspapers would have baulked at.[3] The purpose of Becoming Blizzard evolved to show that "big guys can be beautiful too, and that 'Gay men' don't always fall into stereotypical roles (unless it is for the laugh factor!)".


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