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Beastcub (born March 22, 1986)[1] is an artist and fursuit maker who lives in Carmichael, California, U.S.A.[1]

Beastcub's costumes are very detailed and tend to be realistic. Many have functional parts, like moving jaw or folding wings. About a third of her costumes are quadsuits. Beastcub considers herself a costume enthusiast rather than a furry[2] and has equal interest in furry fandom, otaku cosplay and Renaissance fairs. Her works are often based on mythological creatures, such as oni, hellhound and eastern dragon.

Her Robot Unicorn Fursuit was featured on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim during a network news bump segment stating "Visit her website, then stab out your eyes" on the end of the spot. [3][4]

Beastcub was the Fursuit Guest of Honor for Califur 10 (2014).[5]


Realistic Black Cow (Tauren) Costume.
Robot Unicorn costume - Adult Swim
Dark Lurker dragon costume: standard VS deluxe moving Wings demo


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