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Transformers is the name of a long-running (1984 - present) series of animated, comics and toy lines by Hasbro. The series centers on the battles of two robot fractions, the Autobots and Decepticons,

Transformers and furry[edit]

The original Transformers, while not itself furry, had a CGI series, Beast Wars and then Beast Machines, released by Mainframe Entertainment, a Canadian company more widely known as the creators of the computer animated cartoon ReBoot. In Beast Wars, the transforming robots had animal modes (rather than vehicles or objects) as well as robot modes; in Beast Machines, the animal modes were themselves partially mechanized. As both series' beast modes were stated as having actual DNA in them, and even Beast Wars creator Bob Forward admitting that the beast forms are "fully functional", some fans have argued that this qualifies the series' characters as anthroids and, thus, should be included into the fandom interest.[citation needed]

In addition, Transformers have been used as plot devices and gags by Eric Schwartz in his webcomic, Sabrina Online, most noticeably the title character's love for the character Silverbolt.

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