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Jump to: navigation, search poses in suit at FurDU 2016. (often shortened to simply Beagle)[1] is a writer, YouTuber and fursuiter who lives in Madison, Wisconsin, USA. His YouTube channel has gathered more than 33,000 subscribers as of February 2019.[2] He also serves as the Director of Public Relations for AquatiFur.

Wip/Tarou fursuiting in the snow in Wisconsin.

Before became his fursona, his main character was a wolf named, or Wip for short.[3] sold the character to Majira Strawberry in January 2017[4], who renamed to Tarou.[2]

Fursona[edit]'s most recent reference sheet.'s fursona is a red and white beagle with black highlights on the edges of his ears.[5] The colors are based off of his alma mater, University of Wisconsin—Madison.

Both of's fursuits, a partial suit of Wip and a full suit of, were built by LupeSuits[6] Wip was debuted at Midwest FurFest 2015 and Beagle at FurDU 2016.

YouTube[edit] became a regular YouTuber in May of 2016. He has uploaded over 100 videos onto his main channel as of September 2020. His content mainly consists of vlogs, convention videos, and collaborations related to the furry fandom.

Writing[edit] studied English Literature at UW-Madison with a focus in creative writing. He has written furry-related stories on his FurAffinity account including the novella The Problematic Life of Sam Woods.[7] His work has been published in Heat 13 by Sofawolf Press and in the Anthrocon 2017 and AnthrOhio 2018 conbooks.


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