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Bay Area Furry ("BAF") usually refers to one of the following:

The region arguably has the world's greatest concentration of furries per square mile. One oft-cited reason is furdom's historic base in the online world, where Silicon Valley technologists had an unusually high level of access during furdom's growth in the 1990s.

Resources on this page were moved from Tom Howling's web site on 24 August 2005.

Active online discussion venues[edit]

The group has its own Telegram channel (where meets get posted) and group (for discussion). Although the Telegram groups are all-ages while the group itself is 18+.

All age ranges indicate typical subject matter encountered, minors should always ask a parent before going online.

Historical interest[edit]

Defunct groups for the region included the Bay Area Furry Google Plus Community, on was the SF Bay Furries tribe (active in 2004) and the Fursuit tribe had a very high concentration of Bay Area furs as well. Others that may be inactive include the bafur LiveJournal community, and for IRC the #baycafe channel on or the #bayareafurs channel on Keepiru's guide to Bay Area Living was "...written for people moving here for a job, not for people coming to go to school, and it's a couple years out of date, but it might be interesting nonetheless." (Last updated January 2001.)




  • Mongolian BBQ "Mongolian Monday"
When: around 6-9pm
Where: Gobi Mongolian BBQ, 1135 Tasman Drive, Sunnyvale, CA 94089




When: 6:30pm - 12:30am every week on Thursday
Where: Wicked Chicken, 2565 The Alameda, Santa Clara, CA 95050
Description: This location used to be called SmokeEaters, however they closed down and reopened in September after a few months for a remodel.
This is the biggest public meet in the southern SF Bay Area which occurs weekly. The typical turnout is going to be around 30 people, typically more show up throughout the night. The crowd typically will disperse around 10PM but some will stay and socialize until around 12:30am. All ages are welcome to attend this event.
Telegram group specific for Chicken:




  • Sunday Brunch
When: 11:00am - 1:00pm.
Where: Marie Callenders, Sunnyvale location
Description: Casual gathering for food and conversation at Marie Callenders, 751 E El Camino Real in Sunnyvale (near Wolfe Rd, same shopping center as the Safeway and the Coldstone Creamery). There's an excellent all-you-can-eat brunch buffet, or you can order off the menu. Either way the portions are big and the atmosphere is quiet, calm, laid-back, and friendly. RSVPs are mandatory! See below.
Parking: Plenty -- it's located in a shopping center with tons of parking.
Fursuiting: Not a good idea at this venue. Plus there just isn't room. Sorry!
How to RSVP: Chris needs a headcount by 9:00 AM every Sunday so he can call ahead and make the reservation with the restaurant. You must let Chris know you're coming or there won't be a seat for you! You can RSVP either by emailing Chris or by clicking the RSVP button on the listing for this event on


When: First Tuesday of the month, 7:30pm - 10:00pm
Where: Au Coquelet Cafe, 2000 University Ave., Berkeley
When: First Saturday of the month, 8 p.m. - 2 a.m.
Where: The Eagle night club, 398 12th Street (at Harrison), San Francisco
Expect to find: reasonably priced drinks, techno music, black lights, face painting, glow sticks, and friendly people in costume. This is a 21 and over event where once a month, furries take over a nightclub in San Francisco, and bring in our own DJ's, art, video, decor, and fill the place up with fursuiters. There is a smallish shared space for fursuiters to get suited in.
When: 3rd Saturday of every month around 7:30 PM - 11:30 PM
Where: Homestead Bowl at 20990 Homestead Rd, Cupertino, CA 95014
Description: Meet at the bowling alley in the pool room/private room, which is to the right behind the front desk when you walk in the main doors. Showing up by 8:00 PM is suggested so you can pay Relaxing Dragon in advance and get checked in. Games are $15.00 per game per person. Bowling shoes, for those that need them, are $5.50 a pair. Pay for bowling shoes at the front desk where you pick up your shoes.
Parking: The parking lot of this new alley isn't the greatest in terms of space (depending on what time you arrive), so be prepared to hunt around or park in one of the two lots across the street.
When: 11:30 AM until everyone decides to disband, second Saturday of every month.
Where: Larkey Park, 2771 Buena Vista Avenue, Walnut Creek, CA
Expect to find: A group of furries holding a potluck barbecue in Larkey park.
When: Every 2nd or 3rd Saturday of the month at 2:30pm - 3:50pm
Where: The Habit Burger Grill, 1100 Park Pl, San Mateo, CA 94403
Description: Come new and current furries and enjoy fine burgers and socializing. Break the ice and ensure that all furries are welcome. Message @Noah_Nova on Telegram. Info also posted on the BAF meetup page when officially announced.
When: fourth Sunday of the month, 8pm - 1am
Where: 501 W Taylor St, San Jose
Expect to find: Fursuit friendly karaoke shared with the bar's weekly karaoke clientele. KJed by Kor Karaoke, who also provide KJ services for Further Confusion. Some changing space is available.

Currently Dead Gatherings[edit]

The following gatherings appear to be moribund. For details, ask on the BAF discussion list before going.

When: First Wednesday of the month, typically announced in advance. 7:00pm, see BAF Meetup Page for specific date each month.
Where: Old Chicago Pizza, 41 Petaluma Boulevard North, Petaluma CA 94952
When: 7:00pm to about 11pm Usually on the first Sunday of each month unless otherwise noted on the BAF and Bay Area furs Meetup group.
Where: Stars Recreation, 155 Browns Valley Parkway, Vacaville, CA‎ - (707) 455-7827‎
Expect to find: Brought back to life from the remnants of the Stars bowling event, This event continues to bring together furs from both the Sacramento and SF Bay Areas. Stars is a 24 hour entertainment facility with numerous bowling lanes, an arcade, and a restaurant so there's allot available to do. At a typical event we usually gather for an hour and then start bowling at around 8pm. Fursuiters are welcome and a semi private changing area is available in the locker alcove at the facility. Bowling prices currently are $4.50 per game, and $3 for shoe rental (not required for Fursuiters and those with bowling shoes). After everyone is finished bowling for the evening we then typically head over to the nearby Mels diner for a late night dinner.
When: Last Monday of the month, 7pm
Where: Wicked Grounds, 289 8th Street, San Francisco, CA
Directions: They are located at 289 8th Street in San Francisco. To get there from BART/MUNI, get off at Civic Center Station and exit at the 8th Street exit (there are signs). Take a left onto 8th street and Wicked Grounds will be about 3 blocks down, on the left, right before Folsom Street.
Expect to find: Coffee and sandwiches are served here.
  • Writers and Artists Group
When: 7:00pm - 9:30pm, every Thursday
Where: Another Café, 1191 Pine Street, San Francisco, CA
Description: Casual gathering for one-on-one and group help for furry/fur-curious writers, artists, and any combination of the two. A great solution for those who need the right atmosphere, motivation, or assistance to complete a personal or professional project.
The Writers and Artists Group, also known as WAG SF, is a weekly gathering of furry and fur-curious written and media creators in San Francisco, California, USA since October 14, 2010.[1]
"WAG SF" was created to provide casual one-on-one and group help for writers, artists, or any combination of the two. It is a great solution for those who need the right atmosphere, motivation, or assistance to complete a personal or professional project. The group's average size ranges from 3 to 7.
As more than half of the regular members are furries, it is often referred to as The San Francisco Furmeet.[citation needed]
Schedule and location: This group gathers every week on Thursdays from 7:00pm - 9:30pm. Any adjustments in the time or cancellations are provided through BAF and/or Google Groups[2] by the host, RienKarrot.
The group officially meets at Another Cafe.[3]
When: starting after 6 p.m. on the last Saturday night of the month; specific dates announced on the mailing list
Where: Sagemane, Tenebris and Hunter Gryphon's apartment in the Excelsior District of San Francisco
Directions: Available by RSVP only
  • Furries at the Market
When: 7:30 until 9 or 10 pm, every Wednesday (EXCEPT for Sharks games due to the larger crowds, difficult parking situation, and safety concerns)
Where: San Pedro Square Market, 87 N. San Pedro St, San Jose, CA
Description: Weekly gathering at the San Pedro Square Market featuring over 20 unique (and fabulous) food vendors. We gather at the big long wood table in the Market Hall building near Treatbot. The market itself is open until Midnight, however most restaurants tend to close between 9 and 10. There's plenty of seating indoors and out, and free WiFi. See a list of the restaurants (and hours) here:
The meetup was started by Toboe Wolfyote with the first meet occurring on October 23, 2013. Nine were in attendance.
  • Stars on Sunday
When: 7:00pm-??? (Stars is open 24 hours a day, so stay however long you would like. Sometimes it's a couple of hours, sometimes it's more!)
Where: Stars Recreation, 155 Browns Valley Parkway, Vacaville, CA‎ - (707) 455-7827‎
Directions: This bowling alley can be a little hard to find at night, so make sure you pull up exact directions from Google/Mapquest!
The first Sunday of every month, Kannakin and Eden suit up and go to the Stars Recreational Center to bowl. It's a nice quiet 24 hour facility that has bowling, lazer tag, and a huge arcade; the whole nine yards. The reactions we get when we're there are wonderful, and the employees love us. Bowling is $4.00 a game per person, so it's definitely cheap fun! (I'm not sure the cost of shoes/bowling ball if you don't already have them) Make sure that if you're coming you bring enough money for yourself to bowl and play! Fursuiters and non-fursuiters welcome! If you have trouble finding us, look for the only ears and tail in the establishment!
  • SF Furmeet at Sparky's
When: Starting at 7 p.m. on the first Monday of every month (or, if the day happens to be a National Holiday, then typically the following Monday).
Where: "Sparky's Diner" at 242 Church St. in San Francisco, CA 94114 (phone: 415-626-8666)
Directions: Located on Church St. between 15th St. and Market St. It's a fairly easy walk down 16th Street from BART -- walk uphill, then turn right on Church Street and walk another few blocks. Nearby MUNI transit includes the 22, 35, F, J, K, L, M, and N lines. All let you off somewhere near Church and Market. Driving is possible, but expect some difficulty in finding parking nearby. Available food includes burgers, sandwiches, pasta, some vegetarian entrées, salads, ice cream, coffee drinks, sodas, shakes and $1.25 beer specials on Mondays! Typical price for a main dish is $6-12.
  • Wednesday Taco Time!
What: Dead due to stagnation and cliquishness.
  • Wednesday Coffee
What: The evolution of the Wednesday "Coffee" tradition, started in the mid-90s at Coffee Society in Cupertino, continuing (and converging with #GaySanJose) at Cafe Leviticus, then moving on to CyberCafes in Sunnyvale, and culminating in Exciting Random Location. May still be going on, but Reveille is no longer the one to contact about it.
  • Revenge of Pizza, RAWR!
What: Dead due to disinterest.
  • Pizza Naughm
When: Every Tuesday around 7 p.m.
Where: Used to be at Me-N-Ed's Pizzeria in Fremont, but the restaurant closed. Hopefully something will be resurrected at some point?
"Naughm" is intended as a more meaty, cheeks-full version of the word "nom," which is sometimes used to indicate ravenous eating (e.g. "Nom nom nom nom!").


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