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Portrait of Bassinium by Tatious [1].

Basinium Dapto, known as Bass, is a furrotica producer, founder and owner of Anthrogasm Magazine within the furry world of SecondLife. His fursona is a dragon. Markings include smooth black scales with a dark green inset pattern and a burgundy and red under-lacing to his hair and wings. Notable features are his signature goggles created and gifted to him by a friend. He is most commonly found in his black marble textured loincloth that's meant more for practicality than style since its hard to find pants for a spiky dragon.

During the creation of his SecondLife account his true name, "Bassinium" was rejected by the name filter for having one "a" and two "s" together. Thus, Bassinium was changed to Basinium, with only one "s". This renaming has caused confusion with the search system in SecondLife as well as with search engine results for the character and handle.

Private life[edit]

In his private life Basinium is known for his desire to learn the inner thoughts and enjoyments of fellow furs though chatting as well as formal and casual interview. These talks often relate to sexuality and the experiences furs have with their partners and have been known to become related to his furrotica publication.

A fascination with the links between scenario and sexual arousal led Basinium to attempt to explore sexual fetishism as behavioral science. This curiosity was a major influence in the creation of Anthrogasm Magazine, which features erotic interviews of furry sexuality. From this, the relation of paraphilia to social behaviorism was found to be significant and part of the meaning behind his publication Anthrogasm Magazine.


Basinium's ventures include:


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