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Base by Patch

Base Progression (born 1984) is a jaguar fursuiter who resides in Sparks, Nevada, USA. A former member of the United States Air Force, he attained a BA degree with distinction in psychology and sociology. As of February, 2013, he is working on his MBA degree. Base works at Northern Nevada Adult Mental Health Services in addition to working seasonally as a pinsetter mechanic at the National Bowling Sataium in Reno, NV.

When he has time off, Base enjoys hanging out with his friends, bowling, and going to the movies. He is an organizer with the Sierra Nevada Furs and an executive with the Biggest Little Fur Con.

Base is mated to a Danish fur named Wolf Blackclaw.

Character and fursuit[edit]

Base Progression is an anthropomorphic jaguar. He is distinguished by the stripe pattern on his tail and the black collar that he and his mate, Wolf, wear. Base is normally dressed in both suburban or jungle camouflage trousers and a royal blue beret with the insignia of his peerage. He is a member of the Crimson Guard Protectorate (semi-military force from one of the player's old, non-anthro stories), a volunteer group that enlists to perform hazardous, and peace-keeping duties so others may not have to.

This character is fun-loving, always in the mood for a good practical joke or sarcastic battle of wits. Base has a deep sense of honor and holds responsibility as one of the most important virtues. Although he may try to hide it behind arrogant speech or backhanded remarks, those who have met Base know that he is compassionate, generous and eager to please.

Base's fursuit was built by Shadow Sani.[1]


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