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Barkley Beaver, art by Dan Hafner
Barkley Beaver fursuit.

Barkley Beaver, or just Barkley, also known as Trance88 and Pochanos Porcupine (born September 21, 1988),[1] is a fursuiter and amateur photographer who lives in Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA.[1]

Fandom involvement[edit]

Barkley first came across furry artwork in 2006 while browsing deviantART looking for Sonic the Hedgehog fan art. He had already been a Sonic the Hedgehog fan since 1995, and an avid reader of the Archie published Sonic the Hedgehog comic book since 2001.

Barkley didn't take any real interest in the furry community until July 2013 when he discovered the monthly West Michigan Furry Bowl Meet held at Spectrum Lanes in Wyoming, Michigan, which was only a few miles from where he lived at the time.


Barkley's main fursona, Barkley Beaver,[2] was created on July 29, 2013, only 2 days after attending his first furry bowl meet, and is a beaver "strongman".[2]

Barkley created a secondary fursona in early 2015 named, Pochanos Porcupine. An athletic, prehensile-tailed porcupine, covered in white fur and orange colored quills.[2]


Barkley commissioned his first Barkley Beaver partial suit (Barkley Beaver v1) in mid-2014, and was completed in September 2014 by Snow Leopard Creations. In late 2017, Barkley commissioned White Wolf Creations to produce a new full Barkley Beaver fursuit (Barkley Beaver v2). The suit was completed in September 2018.

Convention attendance[edit]

Barkley has attended:[2]


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