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Barken, TX is a fictional town that is the setting of a number of short fantasy fiction stories published until 1999 (20 stories).

Fictional history[edit]

Barken, TX is a small township somewhere between Houston and Brownsville in which the residents somehow accrue the ability to shapeshift between their human forms and their canine creatures. It is located south of another small (human-dominated) town, Cherry, with which it has off-and-on relations[1].


  • Sheriff Pierre Davis
  • Sentry Randy Kempe
  • Sentry Bill Budd
  • Jenny (the police secretary)
  • Rhonda Brumfield
  • Dr Harvey Shishido
  • Sentry Joe Beall
  • Mac
  • Eddie Jones
  • Jason Kubelik
  • Dr Joey Vermiclin
  • Will Bryant[2]

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