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Free paws is a web page and Yahoo group dedicated to furries who enjoy being barepawed both in character and in real life.

It is very common for furry characters, even if they otherwise wear clothes, to wear no footwear (shoes), as their paws/hooves are well-adapted to the environment, they can use their claws better and they can use their paws as sensory organs.

For the same reasons and to get spiritually closer to their furry identity, a number of furries go barefoot in real life - some just inside their homes or in summer, others year-round, whenever possible. Going constantly barefoot will toughen the soles to the point of developing "pawpads", making it easier to walk even on rough surfaces. The spiritual connection to one's furry self is what distinguishes freepawed furries from the various communities of barefoot humans in the internet.

Many barepawed furries are also lifestylers, they consider going barepawed to be a part of their furry lifestyle. But there are also those who may be seen barefooted during furry meetings without thinking of it as a lifestyle.

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