Bard Bloom

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Bard Bloom
Bard Bloom.webp
Other names Floki
Birth place USA
Date of death April 29, 2023
Death place New York
Spouse(s) or mate(s) Victoria Borah Bloom
Profession or hobby Writer, computer science researcher
Convention GoH Morphicon 2010

Bard Bloom was a writer and computer science researcher at IBM, Google, and Spotify who lived in Dobbs Ferry, New York,[1] USA, with their wife, Victoria Borah Bloom (Vicky).


Bard graduated from Washington University in St. Louis County, Missouri with a degree in mathematics and later earned a Doctor of Philosophy in computer science from MIT. They began their career as an academic specializing in programming language and semantics and as a professor of computer science at Cornell University. Later, they became a software engineer with industry giants, including IBM, Google, and Spotify.

Bard was a passionate writer of furry, fantasy, and science fiction lore, including the World Tree RPG, and several published novels, often featuring dragons, both inside the World Tree universe and in other original settings. Bard was also a prolific amateur potter and a skilled gamemasterwho facilitated the co-creation of numerous stories with their friends.

Bard was a beloved friend to many and an advocate for their transgender and disabled peers, helping others find community, access support, and feel deeply heard. They were rknown for their stunning intelligence, their insightful advice, their wild imagination, their snarky and occasionally surreal sense of humor, and their often unusually-colored hair.


Bard Bloom passed away on April 29, 2023, after a nearly three-year struggle with glioblastoma.[2]

Fandom involvement[edit]

Cover of the World Tree RPG source book. Art by Mike Raabe.

Bard Bloom was best known in the furry community for co-creating the World Tree RPG with their wife Vicki. Bard had played on FurryMUCK since 1992, and kept a Livejournal in the name and character of Sythyry, a Zi Ri from World Tree. Bard was a guest of honor at Morphicon 2010.


Bard Bloom also wrote A Marriage of Insects, a novel set in the World Tree world, and Mating Flight, a novel with dragons.


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