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Gregory, Baracudaboy's fursona.

Baracudaboy (born June 24, 1990)[1] is a furry fandom enthusiast who lives in California, USA.[2]

Baracuda discovered the fandom at age thirteen, and has been an avid fanboy ever since. In his spare time, he likes to write short stories, ride his longboard and bike, watch anime, and hang out at the pub with his friends.


Baracudaboy's main fursona is Gregory, a cheeky yet lazy domestic ginger tabby cat. He is 5'6" and a little chubby around the midsection. His coat is a lush dark orange with brown stripes along his entire body to the very tip of his tail. He dresses in casual wear most of the time, wearing t-shirts, tank tops, jeans, vans or converse, and one of his many prized jackets.

Gregory reflects Baracudaboy's personality best, but he has other characters as well, including Darren the chubby donkey, Barka the husky, and Oscar the barracuda fish.

Conventions and events[edit]

Baracudaboy has attended:


Gregory fursuit reference. Art by Vio.

As of December, 2013, Baracudaboy has commissioned a fursuit of his fursona, Gregory, from Don't Hug Cacti. It is scheduled to be made in 2014.


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