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Bansdulf Raikedec (real name Rolando Garza; orn in September 22, 1993),[1] is a mexican artist who lives east of Monterrey, Mexico.[1] His fursona was a reindeer.[2]

Fandom involvement[edit]

Bansdulf got involved in furry art in 2002, while the furry ideology in Mexico was in its infancy.

In the 2005 (January 31th), Bansdulf started a career of cartography thanks to an invitation from other furry comrades. Bansdulf started his cartographer career entering to a Cartography Special Tournament,[clarify] in which participants had to do make a map with the politic division of the Furry Mexico.[clarify]

In 2008 Bansdulf had participation in an special reunion in Monterrey in which the furries[who?] started to share the furry mexican government, in which Bansdulf started as a basic cartograph, receiving the "Gold Cartograph Medal" by making an exquisite map about the frontiers of the new politic division of the furry mexican country.[clarify]

In 2009 Bansdulf travelled to the italian city of Trieste. In that city he had to convince an italian furry artist called Lazaro Drumpbell, the negociations failed and Bansdulf lost a business for a company called "Furry Nation Company" (Furry Nation 1899-2010), this bussiness was three million dollars value and Furry Nation Company went to broken. Bansdulf tried to sustain that company by asking money to the mexican furries using propaganda that said "Save the Furry Ideology" with what he, and other managers sustained that company until October 2010.[clarify][citation needed]

In 2010, Bansdulf gave 2 speech to furries and disidents, respectively. His first speech tried about fight against the enemies of the furries; and the second one tried about (?)[clarify][citation needed]

In 2011 Bansdulf had a participation in the Art Tournament of the U.A.N.L. in Mexico, where he obtained a medal document.

In 2012 Bansdulf had participation in the Mexico Cartography Tournament obtaining the 2nd place.


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