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Gryph (character) resemblance "Enraged Mercury", art by Cara Mitten

Overgryph, Gryph for short (real name Joshua Gryph Simpson),[citation needed] HERE'S YOUR PROOF: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=2522097974506506&set=a.287724791277180&type=1&theater Gryph is a furry fan who is known for his Twitch.tv/overgryph stream which he calls "PwnTV," and his Youtube.com channel, "MrOvergryph". The title means "all things gryphon", as Joshua is clearly an avid fan of gryphons (in fact, I wrote this). Overgryph is permanently banned on FurAffinity. He uses the handle "god" on sofurry.com but is not active in that domain. When he's not creating content for Youtube, he's writing. Over the span of decades, Overgryph has shaped of a fictional race of gryphon known as brute gryphons. Over a dozen unique characters have spawned from this writing activity. In the majority of related stories, the main protagonist is a brute gryphon named Gryph Sylvr. He is Bane Sylvr's father. Overgryph owns the likeness of these, as well as Malvagio, Zero, and several others. The stories are all publicly available and can be found via simple Google search. Overgryph mildly identifies as Otherkin and, when not writing, draws inspiration from gryphon roleplay (dubbed GRPG). As a software engineer, he is no stranger to game development and tries to feature his characters whenever possible. Basically, "Gryph" is an idea more than it is a singular character.

Fandom involvement[edit]

Although Gryph excels in programming, story writing, and roleplay, he is a very confident furry artist and has completed a masterpiece (self-portrait) which can be seen on his Twitch and Youtube channel (overgryph and mrovergryph, respectively). His work can be found on several furry websites, including Fur Affinity (although, permanently banned for being a dick to Dragoneer), Yiffstar a.k.a. SoFurry and Elfwood (OOOOOOLD - also, hacked). Gryph has also visited Furry Weekend Atlanta on several occasions but will never again go to Atlanta. Thrill's over.


Content creator for: youtube.com/mrovergryph facebook.com/overgryph twitch.tv/overgryph sofurry.com/god among others


Gryph is/was the co-founder of a small group known as the Gryphon's Guild known as GRPG, which housed talented roleplayers from the Gryphon's Guild and many other places online. It has since become inactive. In its prime, GRPG took place primarily in a realm known as Ayenee using Yahoo chat. The qualifications to roleplay in GPRG were simple - One must have had a working knowledge of what gryphons and other various characters resembled in writing, have had familiarity with Gryphons' Guild website, and have had an understanding of Ayenee rules in what was called T1 format.

In GRPG, the characters from any other specific story have more flexibility. For example, if a character is 50 years old and married in a specific story, that same character could be 20 years old and single. It was common for the writers involved to reuse the same character in different stories, so it became increasingly important to remain in-character in each story and not confuse previous stories with current stories.


In GRPG:SE, Gryph is one of four main characters, all of which are brute gryphons, and all of which are roleplayed by yours, truly. Listed by ID and Nickname, there are GCCE001 "Gryph," GCCE007 "Bane," GCCE009 "Malvagio," and GCCE010 "Xarxazeroth," also known as "Zero". GCCE stands for "Gryphonic Cybernetic Cloning Experiment," a series of de-extinction experiments designed by another fictional character, "Dr. Sikal Sylvr," also played by yours, truly. Simply to make the most use out of the ID system, several other GCCE###s have been created as NPCs in roleplay games and as actual side-characters in what is considered the main story (Sikal's story). More on that another time.


Between the years 2001 and 2006, Gryph hosted a private GRPG forum named Gryphons of the Mist which holds over 1000 posts today. The forum can be viewed by anyone, but other players are discouraged from interrupting the RP without permission by an administrator. Samples of Gryph's artwork may also be viewed in the photo gallery of GotM, among the work of many other talented artists. The site is otherwise inactive. View "Projects," above.


Many of the aforementioned "realms" listed above were all in some way or another public roleplay between consenting adults. Moving into 2018, "roleplay" has evolved into a Youtube channel with a demanding audience and a plethora of text files which may one day be published to continue the legacy of GRPG.

More About The Characters[edit]

Gryph Sylvr and others are all part of a unique species called brute gryphons (formerly dire gryphons or weregryphons). In GRPG, the brute gryphons are genetically engineered "recreations" made from fossil remains of the very first gryphons in the history of the story. Think dinosaur. Brute gryphons are durable apex predators with incredible life spans. It is believed they cannot die from natural causes and this is seen throughout the story. They also appear much larger in stature than normal gryphons and have broader wings. The biggest, Malvagio, has a wingspan of 100 feet. This means they do not handle small spaces very well. Their size makes the story particularly interesting because when one stops to consider the much smaller "human" sizes of many of the other characters.

Similar to Vampires (and Saiyans), brute gryphons have the ability to transform into an "Enraged" form, most accurately displayed by artist Cara Mitten's "Enraged Gryphon" series, which is worth Googling. Whatever its normal pelt color, an enraged brute gryphon becomes pure white with piercing green eyes. This is a temporary transformation resulting in a substantial power boost and usually wears off after eating or being given enough time to relax. An enraged brute gryphon will appear larger than its normal size due to an increase in muscle tone. Enraged brute gryphons are usually blood-thirsty and have the same destructive power of a natural disaster like a tornado or several tornadoes. They are very feral and have difficulty calming down without eating. Similar to the aforementioned size handicap, this berserk handicap makes playing a brute gryphon character quite challenging. In the story, the protagonists spend a lot of time dealing with these character flaws, resulting in an action-packed story with a flair of drama.

Brute gryphons are a strong, durable breed of gryphon first used by Gryph. They are thought to originate from the very first breed of gryphon forged by godlike creatures. In the story, the characters' knowledge of brute gryphons is limited to their own existence and the fossil remains from which they were engineered. As mentioned earlier, brute gryphons cannot die from natural causes, although they still age and do so in a slow manner. They are considered gods by other characters in the story.

Brute Gryphon

Height and mass[edit]

Brute gryphons are uniquely identified from normal gryphons because of their size difference, which allows them to tower over normal gryphons.

  • This size difference is clearly seen in the image file on the right.


Unlike normal gryphons, a brute gryphon is equipped with several razor-sharp teeth that serve the purpose of infecting other species with a neurotoxin containing pheromones that force the victim to become subservient.

A brute gryphon's teeth resemble snake fangs but there are more than sixty teeth in the gryphon's beak. Like snake fangs, they can be hidden inside the recesses of the beak and they are pushed in/out through muscle movement (Think "How To Train Your Dragon").

A brute gryphon's pheromones are highly toxic but not lethal in normal amounts. Under the effects of a brute gryphon bite, a victim intended to become a meal or otherwise will be reluctant to disobey its predator (yes, master).

Brute gryphons love to bite.


The pheromones found in brute gryphon beaks are sought after for use in aphrodisiacs and have been called Cupid's Arrow in the story for reasons one can likely deduce. Bow chicka wow wow.

In the story, the protagonist has made a living selling his venom to perfume manufacturers and others.


A brute gryphon has an eerie diet which includes variously sized prey. Other gryphons are on the menu. Like most gryphons, brutes love to eat. Crunch = happy.

Live or dead?[edit]

A brute gryphon has no preference on food, typically. Exceptions might apply to vegans. If it can be eaten, the brute doesn't usually care what condition the food is in. Living, dead, cooked, raw is all irrelevant in the macroscopic perspective. This is often seen in the story.


Brute gryphons are perhaps one of the less picky species of gryphon when choosing a mate. Their community tends to resemble a lion's community in the story. In the story, females rarely lay more than 1 egg annually. It is rarer, still, that a brute gryphon egg actually hatches. Males possess a gland on their body that releases an oily, musky scent which causes females to ovulate. In the story, it's reported to work on non-gryphons. Males aren't really in charge. The females secretly determine who gets to mate, and when, and to whom, and the males only think they're in charge. Sound familiar?


In the story, it is implied that child-bearing is challenging due to the particular species' longevity. The brute gryphon was once extinct and doesn't exist outside of the story's particular series of bio-experiments. Because the setting takes place in a high-tech environment, the characters have undergone genetic modification to become more fertile. Nanite technology is mastered in the story, and the result is any species copulating with any other species it wants. The offspring is typically a copy of the mother or father, whichever did not have nanites. The offspring is ever-so-slightly mutated and is not an exact clone.

Laying eggs without nanite technology usually kills the mother. It's this reason the species went extinct in the first place. It's this reason the main characters in the story are so popular among the other characters, due to their nanite technology. And it's also the reason ~90% of the offspring are female. Science evens things out in the story, as seen with Bane Sylvr being male and Zero being able to basically change gender at will.


Gryph example

Gryph Sylvr[edit]

Groups of gryphons are called clans, although, when asked what you'd call a group of gryphons, most people have been reported saying "Awesome." An awesome of gryphons. (I can't make this shit up) At any rate, Gryph is the clan leader of the Silver Elite, explained below.

Gryph Sylvr (a.k.a. the Gryphon Lord on Yahoo) is the main roleplay character of User:OverGryph a.k.a. User:Mrovergryph. He is the protagonist of the main story and a personal favorite character to roleplay. In character, Gryph is a large alpha male brute gryphon, although he is dwarfed by his brother and even his own son. He is the real leader of an awesome of gryphons known as the Silver Elite (hence GRPG:SE). His feathers are usually dyed silver to augment his natural color, which is, in fact, dull gray. He prefers to sparkle. His eyes share this color but rarely sparkle. In fact, Gryph's eyes are so dull gray that they look fake. If you stayed at them long enough, you'd go insane. His claws and beak fade from gray to a rich ebony black, which is his family's most telling feature: the talons. It's probably the only way you can tell Gryph is related to anyone else in his family.

Gryph is often seen naked with dyed fur and feathers, sometimes adorned in jewelry, polished beak and talons, and has a variety of costumes for various occasions. He excels in close-quarter combat and MANNERS. He hates cold weather more than any other gryphon and complains about it every chance he gets. Gryph would live in a volcano if you let him, but he actually lives in a mountainous cliff side in the middle of nowhere. He somehow still gets visitors which is odd considering the story does a decent job at explaining that no one knows where he lives but at the same time everyone has visited him at home.

Gryph sleeps in a not-so-hidden cave which is part of a network of caves which make an honest attempt at hiding a massive underground lab. Gryph is an avid treasure collector. Gryph's stash is located beneath his bed in a hidden mini-cave beneath his not-so-hidden actual cave. This stash is a treasure room much the same size as a cellar and is just big enough to move around in and, of course, hold more treasure - most of which is precious metal jewelry. The estimated dollar value of Gryph's treasure collection is $80 Million, making him roughly six times wealthier than just about everyone in the story else except his business partners, but he's never been audited.

Bane Sylvr, son of Gryph Sylvr

Bane Sylvr[edit]

Bane Sylvr (more specifically, GCCE007) is also a brute gryphon and is the son of Gryph Sylvr and a hen named Kilmera (more specifically, GCCE006) who was genetically engineered as the perfect mate for Gryph. They all still live together and haven't killed each other, giving you an idea of how large the living space is. He appears slightly taller than his father but more slender. He possesses more physical traits from his mother and flies better than Gryph. He is silver colored, like his father, but has golden highlights awarded from his mother. Bane is scholarly, relying on brains and magical prowess rather than brute strength to win a fight. Bane was born with extraordinary abilities that were quasi-expected but not to scale by any means. For instance, when he hatched from his egg in the story, the entire incubation room was destroyed. The shattered debris fell up, not down. It stayed up for several days, defying gravity even while Bane wasn't nearby. He is a Geomancer by design, and has a strong influence over gravity and other forces of nature. He is a learned alchemist, able to condense vast bodies of matter into tiny crystals. He once gave his mother a crystal he made as a gift. She looked at it under magnification and noticed the fish were still swimming around inside. Later in the story, Bane gets possessed by a god of time known only to him as Chronogryphon. Bane has a difficult time discussing it. He explains that it feels like he's trapped inside his own mind and loses all control and this blinding force is the only thing he can feel. We later discover the feeling is completely normal for the encounter and becomes less overwhelming over time. While under the Chronogryphon's possession, any organic creature becomes.one.with.the.universe. Please read the book one day.


Dr. Sikal Sylvr, often mistaken for his clone, Gryph, is the scientist responsible for the repopulation of his species, the brute gryphons, of which he was believed to be the last remaining member. He doesn't know he's also a clone. Aside from the obvious flaw, Sikal is a very successful scientist gryphon who is responsible for perfecting nanite technology, the generation's latest scientific breakthrough in the story.

In the right light, Sikal looks like an ordinary gryphon. He acts like an ordinary gryphon. People are comfortable around him. It's fake. He has a therapist.

Sikal has his own prequel story. Sikal had a fucked up life. He never knew his mother, Tera. He watched everyone he loved die, including his father, Unilkai. He doesn't talk about it. At one point in the story, he was completely alone. He invented the GCCE series, some of which are his reanimated extended family, so without him, there'd be no story to tell since his creations are the main characters. All we know about Sikal is he's not a gryphon, although everyone calls him "the world's smartest gryphon," he claims to be exactly the same as Gryph, who is technically more of a werewolf than a gryphon, being a brute gryphon specifically, and he's a s.h.a.pes.hi.fte.r. Gryph reports seeing Sikal extend a claw across an entire room to grab a book, and, while obviously still doing it, Sikal denies it irrefutably. Sikal is a mad scientist, but he makes a lot of cool shit, so everyone gives him a pass. Secretly, he doesn't even make anything anymore. He made things to make things for him. But you'll never know that.

Speaking of making things to make things... Sikal made Gryph, then made Kilmera, then made them make Bane. And somehow that's normal gryphon behavior. Everyone has a therapist, so don't worry. All this is part of their lifestyle as a family. Everyone is basically programmed to excel at a specific task and everyone else learns that task from whoever is the master at it. So everyone has something to teach everyone else all the time. So you're left with a story about a society of mutated gryphons who make other mutated gryphons, all of which were made by a mad scientist who was also a mutated gryphon and denies everything, claiming he's completely normal and everyone else is fucked up. But he's rich and famous, so he gets a pass.

Chronogryphon example


In essence, the Chronogryphon is sentient dark matter. A force of nature. An all-powerful god. It is not bound by space or time and exists everywhere outside of those. E.v.er.y.wh.er.e. The Chronogryphon is infinite everything incarnate.

This force of nature was discovered by Bane in his early adult life, or rather, it possessed him and turned him into a god. In fact, Bane is made famous by his peers for making the discovery. The Chronogryphon is a sentient, all-powerful being of infinite size. It has an agenda Bane is still trying to understand. No one else understands the Chronogryphon at all, but Bane claims to be an expert. Bane explains the reality in which they live is, in fact, a universe floating in a sea of universes inside the Chronogryphon's endless body. Bane was very specific in describing the Chronogryphon as the 'endless, timeless sea' in which everyone is fated to swim.

In the story, we do physically see the Chronogryphon inside and outside of a host body, but it is usually only seen with the mind's eye, just like it is only heard with the mind's ear. Essentially, this is a sentient force of nature of the infinite size and infinite mass not bound by space or time and can take control of organic life at will. Any amount of the Chronogryphon can pop in and out of existence anywhere at any time and it all appears to be planned. Certain events in the relevant history of the main characters were erased from existence by the Chronogryphon's power and only Bane can remember those events. Having bonded with the Chronogryphon, part of Bane also exists outside space and time and can also possess organic life, just like the Chronogryphon.

As the years went by, the bond between the Chronogryphon and Bane intensified, and the Chronogryphon's power was used for many things in the story including reanimation and time travel. Once fully tapped into the Chronogryphon's power, Bane becomes a sorcerer capable of flipping through the unwritten pages of time as if it were a picture book, ultimately rewriting the destiny of others. Bane is broken.

One day, later in the story new characters are introduced. Malvagio, an evil wizard, who is actually Bane's uncle (Gryph's brother) is introduced. Xarxazeroth is also introduced shortly thereafter. They go by Mal and Zero, respectively. Zero is an artificial intelligence shapeshifter who looks like a metal gryphon (to blend in). She even has fur and feathers. And Malvagio... Mal isn't exactly evil, but definitely has a twisted agenda. He is also one of very few members of the family that doesn't actually live within the Silver Elite cavern. He actually lives in another dimension he created which is a copy of the real world, but a shadow world. He claims he's more at peace in that dimension, but Bane suspects Uncle Malvagio is actually just like the Chronogryphon and everything is simply some kind of test. Bane never gets a clear answer. Mal and everyone else deny it, and everyone remembers Malvagio as a character way longer than they remember Chronogryphon as a character. Zero, too! Everyone thinks Mal and Zero were introduced to their lives BEFORE the discovery of the Chronogryphon and the story is very unclear about who entered the plot first, purposefully so - as it becomes relevant later when Malvagio is revealed to be the Chronogryphon's twin, which makes no sense to anyone because everyone knows Mal is Gryph's twin and Gryph is not related to the Chronogryphon.

At any rate, Bane discovers Mal devises a scheme to capture and control the Chronogryphon, who is secretly fucking with everyone all the time (just like Malvagio!) and it is revealed that Xarxazeroth, "Zero," was the trap. You see, Mal knew one thing about the Chronogryphon that even Bane didn't know, and that is Chronogryphon's target demographic. He knew he could control Zero. He could also turn Zero into anything he wanted, so he turned her into a copy of Bane, which was the only being in the known universe able to bond with the Chronogryphon. Up to that point, no one could influence the Chronogryphon's behavior. Then Mal did it. Mal hacked the Chronogryphon and it went on a rampage and it was quite epic watching Chronogryphon-Zero beat everyone up.

The epic conclusion was Chronogryphon-Zero becoming self-aware and destroying everyone except Sikal. Now that's irony.


OOC, Gryph just wants to make Youtube content and keep this wiki updated. Am very passionate about the plot and it's my life's work.

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