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This page is about the artist named Balto. For the animated movie, see Balto.

Balto (real name Albert C. Peña; born January 17th, 1970, in Canal Zone, Panama) is a furry artist who lives in Fort Worth, Texas, United States.[1] His fursona is based on the titular wolfdog of the animated movie Balto.

Balto is a freelance cartoonist and is the creator of the comic strip "Orville", and books Orville #1: "Dreams of Flight", Orville #2: "Laugh Clown, Laugh", and Orville #3: "Raiders of the Lost Trunk". Albert is also the creator of the webcomic "Critter County" and "Hodges Pond"

Balto was a Guest of Honor at RainFurrest 2010 and Oklacon 2010.

Balto's business name is "Northern Lights Studio"
Balto is a dealer at the following conventions:


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