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The oldest anthropomorphic comic strip in Brazil, Balls of Fur is created by Ricardo Canheta, whose first furry characters Ric and Ani were created in the year 1987. After that came Cado, Pat, Fifi, Kido and Tapi.

I started doing strips talking about Brazil political and social condition. But then I discovered the Internet and I knew I should talk about other things so the rest of the world could understand and read my comics

There have been lot of changes in the development of Balls of Furr, from the strip's beginning right up to the current day. I have to change the appearance of the characters and make they have their own opinions. Sometimes I talk about serious things too.

These days I have more than the Balls of Furr to worry about. I have created a lot of new characters and worlds that just doesn´t fit on Balls of Furr.

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