Ballerina Mafia

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Ballerina Mafia
Author(s) Immelmann
Update schedule Mondays & Wednesdays
Launch date September 6th, 2010
End Date Ongoing
Genre Humor, parody, situational

Ballerina Mafia is a furry webcomic by Immelmann. It is as gag-a-day comic with no stories or drama, in contrast to the author's first webcomic, Concession. It shares similarities to At the Heart of it All, as some strips feature Immelmann himself and deals with events of his real life (though purely humorously this time). It's initial premise was to avoid recurring characters, but the comic eventually evolved to have a main cast.

This comic re-introduces Shugwar, Immelmann's real-life friend and now room mate who first appeared as a Protoss Warrior in At the Heart of it All.[1] Various other real-life friends of Immelmann have since appeared in the comic.

On January 8th, 2012, the comic was put on indefinite hiatus, with Immelmann stating that "I need to focus on keeping up with commissions", and that "I haven't started my new comic, so I really, really, need to work on launching that". On Tuesday, March 27th, 2012, Ballerina Mafia was nominated for the 2011 Ursa Major Awards. Despite the hiatus, an April Fool's comic was made on April 1st, 2012.

On July 2nd, 2012, the comic returned with a weekly updates.


Immelmann, Shugwar, Malik, and Epam
  • Immelmann - Male Wolfrabbit. The main character and artist.
  • Shugwar - Male Panther. Immel's straight, sarcastic roommate.
  • Epam - Male Cat. Old friend of Immel and Shugwar. Creator of Mr. Dude, filler art for Concession.
  • Malik - Male Goat-badger. Musician, Shugwar's friend from high school.
  • Sphix - Male Lion. Immel's long-distance ex-boyfriend who spent visited and spent a week in the comic.
  • Nicole - Male Skunk. Waitor at local restaurant. Returning character from Concession.
  • Ossia - Female human. A new employee at the Concession stand with Zoe and Clive. She is of Scottish descent. Ossia started as "Ossian", as a male, but an April Fool's Day joke turned him into a girl.
  • Corpsie - Dead male human. A decayed, inanimate corpse that somehow has an extensive career as a television actor. A fan favorite, possibly out of irony.