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Bad Dragon
Bad Dragon logo by Narse
Author(s) Co-Founders & Owners: Varka, Athus[1], Narse, Raith
Launch date June 6, 2008
End date Ongoing
Genre Vendor
  • Motto: Making fantasies real
Censor NC17 button.png

Bad Dragon is the name of a business co-founded and owned by Varka, Narse, Athus Nadorian, and Raith. Bad Dragon produces toys of a sexual nature and is a website and community intended for adults. Its production facility is located in Phoenix, Arizona with a small workshop used mainly for research in Scotland.[citation needed]


On December 7, 2007, Bad Dragon (then unnamed) was announced by Varka on his website Herpy Reference Archive.[2] At the time it existed as a small side project of Varka's until he began his "research and development" phase. Bad Dragon officially opened for business on June 6, 2008 and attended Anthrocon 2008.[3]

Bad Dragon's "mission statement" is to "make fantasies real for people who want to indulge in fantasies of their favourite species either in private, or with others."[4]

Bad Dragon owns or sponsors several furry online services through its subsidiary Dragonfruit Ventures, including e621, F-list and a cache for Inkbunny.


Bad Dragon's catalogue of available toys and products are largely inspired by the anatomy of real or fictional feral animals. However in some instances, such as the Anthro varieties, human characteristics have been incorporated into the toy design. While Bad Dragon primarily produce dildoes and other toys intended to penetrate the user, they also have a range of penetratable toys (colloquially "onaholes" or "sex sleeves"), in addition to water-based lubricant (intended primarily for use with their dildoes' cumtubes), silicone samples, and condoms produced by other companies such as Durex and Skyn.


Bad Dragon ships through Fedex and United Parcel Service, so international shipping is extremely expensive. Like most sex toy companies, orders arrive in a plain brown box with a return address and the company name is omitted from credit card or bank statements.

Convention attendance[edit]

Much of Bad Dragon's early popularity and sales can be attributed to the company advertising and selling at various furry conventions[citation needed]. It, at first, started out as an Anthrocon exclusive vendor but starting in 2010 it branched out to other conventions.

Previously attended conventions[citation needed][edit]

Bad Dragon can no longer sell or advertise at Anthrocon[5] as AC altered their Anthrocon 2012 Dealer Information Packet[6], specifically:

Bad Dragon
VI. Other Restrictions. B. Items of a distinctly adult nature whose primary purpose is functional rather than artistic are prohibited (if you do not know what that means, please contact us and we will explain).
Bad Dragon

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