Bad Bunny

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Bad Bunny
Author(s) Wolfie
Update schedule Every day ending in a 0 or a 5
Launch date January 7, 2000
Genre Adult Humour
Censor MA button.png

Bad Bunny is a webcomic created by Wolfie that started on January 7, 2000. While it did go into an extended hiatus from time to time, it remained in production until Wolfie's death in December 2009. It centres around the rabbit character Dutch Hutch and his day-to-day life. Most of the jokes revolve around the themes of drugs, sex, and violence. The comic features small story arcs that usually resolved themselves within a week or two.


  • Dutch Hutch - The main character of the comic. He is a man of all vices, and is usually shown living each and every one of them up. Throughout the comic his love interest is Keri but nothing is made permanent between the two.
  • Keri - One of the few people who can tolerate Dutch for what he's truly worth. She often tries to start a relationship with Dutch, but nothing ever truly comes of it. She is however rather close to Dutch's mother (as the two of them appear to frequently talk behind his back, and in fact stripped together for an evening to teach Dutch a lesson of morality).
  • Bud - Owns the bar in which many of the strips take place. He can occasionally lend a sympathetic ear, but has also encouraged people to drink more.
  • Gary L'pine - Dutch's boss. He has a short temper and a large violent streak. He would have fired Dutch a long time ago if he didn't require Dutch's cybersex logs to please his wife Sasha.
  • Sasha L'pine - Gary's wife who for a short time tries to start a fling with Dutch. She is somewhat of a seductress.
  • Tim L'pine - Gary's evil brother who is always scheming to get revenge on his brother and Dutch. When he was a child he was shipped away to Malaysia by Gary. After he returned many years later he assumed the position of Gary's evil assistant under a guise as a mute.
  • Erin - Dutch's sister who escaped from the Lady of Eternal Rash and Backache Nunnery. She grows drugs which Dutch has used to his advantage. She also comes to the possession of a bisexual lover/slave named Dan.
  • Tyrone - Dutch's gay friend and supervisor at work. He has a crush on Dutch, but is conflicted with Dutch's heterosexuality. He likes to kiss Dutch as a teasing joke.
  • Holly - A bodybuilder who Dutch dated for a while. They eventually broke up because Holly feared that their continuous sexcapades would lead to his eventual death.

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