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Image downloaded by BadBunny

BadBunny, or SB/BadBunny-A is a computer virus written in the StarBasic programming language for OpenOffice.


The SB/Badbunny-A virus first infects the target computer when the user opens an OpenOffice Draw file called badbunny.odg.

  • On Windows, the virus drops a file called drop.bad, which is then moved to system.ini in the mIRC folder (if present), and also drops and executes badbunny.js which is a JavaScript virus that replicates to other files in the folder.
  • On MacOS, the virus drops one of two Ruby scripts (either badbunny.rb or badbunnya.rb)
  • On Linux, the virus drops, an XChat script, as well as, a Perl virus which infects other Perl files

The virus then attempts to download and display an indecent JPEG image of a man wearing a bunny fursuit performing a sexual act with a scantily clad woman, while distributing itself via chat scripts.

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