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Zak "Backlash" Aryil (Real Name: Christopher Strang) is a member of the paw fetish community. He is the administrator of Paw Paradise. He is working on Kinsentoh, a story featuring anthropomorphic characters.

Art and Fursona[edit]

He is a developing artist who has only been part of the anthropomorphic community since late 2004. His artwork can be seen on his deviantArt and Fur Affinity galleries.

In November 2004, Backlash created a Yahoo! group known as Furry Crusade. From here, he managed to have several pics of his fursona created of him. And in April of 2005, he was inspired to create his first work of art because of this very group. Since then, he has made large improvements in his artwork.


Kinsentoh is Backlash's planned story idea centered around Zak and Kira Aryil, two twin foxes who are one day struck by celestial objects, and their world is turned upside down. This is currently a work in progress, and more info will be released soon.

Kinsentoh is currently a story work in progress by Backlash. It is a fictional story containing anthropomorphic characters

Basic Story[edit]

The End of the Human Age[edit]

In the year 2025, a strange object struck Earth. It was never identified, because no one lived to identify it. The being that rose from the object exterminated every human life on the planet except for one. This human was somehow able to survive, and using a strange technique known as Kinsen magic, as well as a strange anthropomorphic fox named Celeste, sealed away the creature within a magic pendant, and the human known only as Omega disappeared.

Furry Uprising[edit]

While all human life was destroyed, animal life survived, and continued to evolve. Over the next several million years, they began to rebuild civilization. And within 1 billion years, society was fully functional. Intelligent minds made discoveries that could never even be imagined during the Human Age. All beings live in peace, and there is no war.

Return of Darkness[edit]

The magic pendant that was thought to be lost forever was found by an individual who was easily overcome by its power, making him forget who he was, filling his minds with only ambition to unleash what was sealed inside the pendant. Once discovering how to unseal it, he began to advance on the shrine that was created at the point where the object had originally struck the earth. It was here that the human Omega and Roxanne appeared. Instead of trying to prevent the catastrophe, Omega merely claimed that Kinsen magic would once again rise up, and destroy the evil once and for all.

Awakening the Kinsen[edit]

Omega dispatched Celeste to the Kinsen temples where the power had been sealed. Only 2 were managed to be unsealed. The powers of lightning and fire were released from the shrine and fell upon two twin foxes, Zak and Kira Aryil. This is where their story begins.


Zak Aryil[edit]

Age: 18

Sex: Male

Species: Fox

Basic Magic: Telekinetic

Kinsen Magic: Lightning

Standard Weapon of Choice: Blades

Kinsen Weapon: Raikouza (Lightning Blade)

Personal Quote: "If I can do something to help, then that's my responsibility."

Description: Zak is always the kind of person who just wants to be himself. This is obvious in his odd sense of fashion, and his passive attitude. Though he tries to act cold and distant, he can't hide the fact that he cares for others. After losing his parents, his only desire is to protect his twin sister Kira. His only known weakness is his inability to use magic, but it is helped by his Kinsen powers which have increased his spiritual power. He's more reliant on his physical attributes, having put his body through rigorous training in several fighting styles, including karate, judo, and several ninja techniques.

Kira Aryil[edit]

Age: 18

Sex: Female

Species: Fox

Basic Magic: Telekinetic

Kinsen Magic: Fire

Standard Weapon of Choice: Projectiles (Bows & Arrows, Crossbows, etc.)

Kinsen Weapon: Kouenza (Flame Blade)

Personal Quote: "I always thought you were immature, but I guess your just stupid."

Description: Like her brother, Kira has a very passive attitude. However, she likes people paying attention to her, so she is much more outgoing then Zak. She feels she has something to prove to Zak, that she doesn't need to be protected all the time. She lacks skill as a fighter unlike her brother, but has excelled herself in the use of magic. She's always admired Zak for his physical abilities and all the awards he's won in sparring competitions, and wants to become as skilled as him one day.

Jim Nova[edit]

Age: 18

Sex: Male

Species: Bull

Basic Magic: Transfiguration

Kinsen Magic: Ice

Standard Weapon of Choice: Guns

Kinsen Weapon: Aisuda (Ice Spear)

Personal Quote: "Who came up with this crap? ....Oh right, I did."

Description: Jim lives in his own fantasy world where everything is one big webcomic, and constantly trying to alter his own reality to better suit his imagination. He is always coming up with crazy plans, but usually end up disastrous. He's very creative, but he lacks the means to use his own creativity, so he turns to Zak and Matt to carry out his schemes.

Matt Cullings[edit]

Age: 18

Sex: Male

Species: Tabby Cat

Basic Magic: Transfiguration

Kinsen Magic: Earth

Standard Weapon of Choice: Blunt Objects

Kinsen Weapon: Tsuchika (Earth Axe)

Personal Quote: "I can't look! Someone film this!"

Description: Matt is that kind of guy who has "connections". He's usually the one to help Jim carry out his crazy schemes. He rarely takes anything seriously, not even the situation he's been thrown into with his Kinsen magic, not exactly thinking its a big deal. He's usually the one to help Jim with his crazy plots, but more for the joy of watching them go horribly wrong.

Cindy Amon[edit]

Age: 16

Sex: Female

Species: Kangaroo

Basic Magic: Clerical

Kinsen Magic: Wind

Standard Weapon of Choice: None

Kinsen Weapon: Uindota (Wind Staff)

Personal Quote: "Weapons? Those aren't good accessories."

Description: Cindy is Kira's best friend. If there is one word to describe her personality would be cheerleader (since she is one). She is young and naive, and doesn't really understand the severity of the situation she's in. She's constantly worrying about how she appears to others, keeping her personal appearance top priority.

Jake Ryans[edit]

Age: 17

Sex: Male

Species: Bunny

Basic Magic: Clerical

Kinsen Magic: Water

Standard Weapon of Choice: Polearms

Kinsen Weapon: Mizuka (Water Blades)

Personal Quote: "That sounds like a lot more work then I'm willing to do."

Description: Jake is the ultimate laidback personality. Just one look at him, and it's obvious to tell that he's beach trash. Aside from surfing, his only interest is his girlfriend Cindy. He tries not to concern himself with Zak's affairs, thinking it's too much trouble and not worth the effort.

Shawna Canton[edit]

Age: 18

Sex: Female

Species: Siberian Husky

Basic Magic: Telekinetic

Kinsen Magic: Light

Standard Weapon of Choice: Anything

Kinsen Weapon: Mitsukaiza (Angel Blade)

Personal Quote: "I know what I want, and I always get what I want."

Description: Shawna is a very mysterious girl. Not much is known about her because she's very silent. She seems to be interested in Zak (who is absolutely crazy about her), probably finding his oddities amusing. Strangely, she seems drawn to areas where the Dark appears. Her reasons and motivation are unknown, and her allegiance is questionable.

Artemis Mallroy[edit]

Age: 18

Sex: Male

Species: Raccoon

Basic Magic: All Skills

Kinsen Magic: Darkness

Standard Weapon of Choice: Dual Blades

Kinsen Weapon: Akumaza (Devil Blade)

Personal Quote: "Don't stand in my way. You won't live long enough for regrets."

Description: Artemis has a calm personality and is shy around others. Though he has a dark and cold nature, he cares deeply for his companions. Having been separated from his sister several years earlier, Artemis will go to extreme lengths to reunite with her, with the hope that she is still alive.

Magic Types[edit]

One of the major discoveries was the unnatural ability to harness mental power in a physical way by use of a magical symbol tattooed onto someone's body.


The simple matter of manipulating objects with the power of one's mind.


The ability to change the physical properties of an object.


The ability to repair damage done to a living body.

Blue Magic[edit]

There are certain magical skills that do not fall into any specific category. They do not require a permanent mark, but a temporary one that can be removed. The strength of the spell is determined by what is used to make the mark. The best option is blood to make the strongest spells.

Kinsen Magic[edit]

The original magic that appeared at the end of the human age. It is the art of harnessing pure elemental power of fire, lightning, ice, wind, earth, water, light, and darkness. For thousands of years, it was studied to see how something could be possible without the presence of an element in a living body, so the research was abandoned.

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