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BF Funnies
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Author(s) Wyldsyde
Update schedule abandoned
Launch date May 14, 2006
End Date January 30, 2008
Genre  ?
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BF Funnies is a furry webcomic by the macro artist Wyldsyde.


BF Funnies is a spin-off of the BFCC (Big Furs Community College) stories in the story archives of At first, there wasn't a concrete storyline. It was just a series of funny Sunday Morning-style comic strips based off of various characters and their antics seen mostly around the communities of and Since gaining a bigger following, there has been more of a storyline with a few story arcs. One of the major hooks of the comic was that you never knew who to expect to show up, as the artist liked to draw the people she knew into the comics on a regular basis.


Some of the main characters of the comic include:

  • Wyldsyde - Also known as Debbie Avreen, Wyldsyde runs the BF Studios and manages to not rip out her hair at the amazing amount of adventurous events caused by her motley crew of employees.
  • Rhennessa Dumlari - Rhen is a kitsune versed in chaos magic, and easily recognized by her enormous mammary assets. She is also known to moo and has a fair amount of jokes at the expense of her cleavage.
  • Kattywampus - A Wampus cat with a ridiculously long tail and a cat boy harem who was hired as a wardrobe director. Kattywampus was written into the comic after winning a contest the artist held starting at Episode 25.
  • Padfoot - He's a handsome gray wolf with an interesting set of red stripes on his arms. Padfoot, aka Woofy-Shnookums, is also Wyldsyde's faithful sweetheart, and will do anything to please her.
  • Sabrewing - A Bishōnen green dragon who appeared permanently during and after a story arc revolving around dragons.
  • Karrl Havok - Brought to you by M.E.S.S., the Macro Elimination Special Services, whose mission is to eliminate the problematic macrofurries.
  • Crux Xandereth Lo - Crux is a blue-furred Labrador/wolf mix with kung fu skills. Since he popped into the comic, he's had his share of bad luck and Kattywampus harassment.
  • Akkadian Lahn - A mysterious jackal with even more mysterious powers. Accompanied by a weird floating orb and The Anarchitect, he's here to bring some kind of doom.
  • The Anarchitect - The canine cyborg sidekick to Akkadian Lahn with a knack for smart comments.

Interesting facts[edit]

  • Some notable cameo appearances include Doral, Cerberus, and Chaswari.
  • Guest comics appear on Saturdays and Sundays.
  • Guest artists have included The Anarchitect and Grey
  • BF Funnies was #19 in the top comics on Webcomics Nation on 2007 July 4, 2007 October 11 and 2007 October 15.[1]


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